A guide to property investment in Dubai

A guide to property investment in Dubai – List of benefits.

You might have read ample material about Dubai and UAE before you prepared your trip here. But how documented are you when it comes to Dubai’s huge potential for investment? Have you considered buying property in Dubai? Are you aware of what the process entails? Below we take a look at facts, numbers, relevant information to guide you through your next investment in Dubai. There is no better time than now, to take full advantage of the current market. Property is in high demand in Dubai. Moreso, the luxury residential segment is experiencing a real surge this year, days before the Expo 2020 event kicks off.

That is why it is safe to say that the property market plays a major role in the country’s recovery, post-pandemic. Dubai alone attracts around 15 million visitors each year. During Expo 2020, the city is expecting a staggering 25 million visitors to reach its shores. Therefore, Dubai is a top city for visitor spending, with an index mark of $30.8 billion for spending, and “fair value” for affordability.

So, if you are looking to capitalize on low prices for real estate, and avail of the most flexible payment plans, read on.

Why Invest in Dubai

Dubai is growing in the right direction.  A series of government initiatives and regulatory procedures have promoted real estate into a very dynamic sector.

Being one of the most lucrative locations in the world for investment, Dubai has a lot to offer:

  • Safety and security
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Tax-free, stable economy
  • Capital appreciation and strong yields of up to 7% gross rental return
  • High-quality lifestyle for all nationalities
  • 100% repatriation of off-shore earnings and profit
  • 100% foreign business ownership 
  • Attractive payment plan for first-time buyers
  • Significant projects and developments from major developers
  • No annual property taxes
  • Expo 2020

A guide to property investment in Dubai – The list of benefits continues. To that, we can add the increase in population, which leads to more housing demand and a stable, mature market. Also, an excellent infrastructure, world-class education, and healthcare place Dubai at the top of the best places to invest.

Strong Market Recovery

Dubai holds no property tax or capital gains tax, so owners only ever pay one transaction fee after purchase, and no other additional taxes in the future. Most homeowners benefit from a ten-year visa post investing in property, and solid financial security. This is due to a stable currency, good interest rates, and flexible payment plans. A stable high-quality supply of homes guarantees high rental returns for buy-to-let investors. Mix developments of villas and apartments in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Jumeirah Village Circle, or Downtown Dubai promote higher rental income. Also, they are the best investment for a stable monthly income.

Furthermore, 2021 has witnessed record sales for Dubai real estate, consisting of exclusive, premium properties.  The market is making a strong come back across all segments – off-plan, residential and rental.

Fast sales for new launches from major developers are happening at Emaar Beachfront, Dubai Hills Estate, or Arabian Ranches 3. An impressive inventory of excellent off-plan properties takes center stage on the market, offering modern beach apartments and sophisticated villas next to championship golf course.

Dubai post-Covid 19

The property sector post-Covid 19 is showing a revival this year, making a steady come back. After the big pandemic blow which spread all across the Middle East last year, Dubai is counting down to Expo 2020. The big event will start on 1st of October and will definitely boost the real estate sector furthermore into recovery. The property sector represents a big junk of Dubai’s economic growth, at almost 40%.

With that in mind, the current outlook favors first-time investors who are prepared to pay in cash or take a favorable mortgage with low-interest rates. Similarly, funding availability, discount in service charges, and the stabilizing of the job market are additional factors that attract investors. Safe to say, Dubai is very much a buyer’s market at the moment.

Strong Governmental Support

The government is continuing with strong initiatives and is implementing a huge stimulus package to support and revive the economy post-Covid 19 crisis. UAE is currently conducting a massive vaccination campaign which has seen over 85% of the population taking the vaccine successfully. Furthermore, online property transfers from DLD – Dubai Land Department are easing off the process for property purchase. Further helpful measures include the retirement visa programme and the new agreement with Israel, opening doors to a whole new level of investors and partnerships.

Things to consider before investing

A guide to property investment in Dubai: It is wise to do a bit of homework before you consider putting your money into anything. Launch your search online, talk to financial advisors, start networking and get your facts right. Careful planning and a good understanding of what the process entails will give you a very clear picture of your next investment. Above all, make sure you rely on rational analysis to reach your decision and communicate with a property expert clearly about your criteria and budget.  For instance, smart buyers will identify a gap in the market supply for specific assets, such as villas in prime locations. That is where they will consider investing

Examples of factors to consider with your decision-making process are location, market conditions, and project quality. Similarly, make sure to inform yourself of community highlights and amenities available in the neighborhood, such as schools, transport links, or healthcare centers.

Choose a Good Real Estate Agency for Property Investment in Dubai

Now is the time to talk to a reliable property expert and put your trust in professionals to represent you in any property transactions. Look for a company that breaths expertise and exhibits market knowledge. Look for a company with longevity in the industry and proof of good relationships with major developers and other stakeholders. Furthermore, find out whether the company holds any awards or tangible recognition in real estate. It speaks for itself where value is concerned.

Off Plan Finder

Our company, Off Plan Finder ticks all the boxes and meets the criteria mentioned above. Our team is dedicated to providing a level of service and expertise second to none. The team operates with integrity and transparency to create a meaningful impact, giving back to the community and our members, through a “one team” approach. We do not follow the industry, we lead it. We are uncompromising in our endeavors to give BEST service and obtain BEST results.

As we all push through the pandemic with a unified vision, we are certain our dedication will sustain and further the demand for high-quality properties in Dubai.

Let’s talk. Visit our office for free impartial advice on all aspects relating to Dubai property investments.


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