Society House

Latest Development in Downtown

Fully and Semi-Furnished

Views of Burj Khalifa

Infinity Pool



Starting Price

AED 1,900,000/-


354 - 4,445 sq.ft


Studio - 3 Bedroom


Q2 2026

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Society House Downtown


The concept behind Society House Downtown was to craft a meticulously designed headquarters that caters to the aspirations of trailblazers and global adventurers. This iconic structure stands as a testament to their unyielding determination, serving as a symbol in the heart of the world’s most vibrant city.

This establishment was envisioned as more than just a building – it embodies their perpetual pursuit of excellence. A sanctuary where they could seamlessly blend in, surrounded by kindred spirits who share their passions and values. As a result, the doors to Society House Downtown swung open, ushering in a new era of connection and belonging

“Society House encompasses a collection of 404 units, available in both fully and semi-furnished options, thoughtfully curated to suit the diverse paths of life you choose. These units are elegantly distributed over 52 floors, with apartments strategically arranged into distinct zones. Ranging from cozy micro units on the lower levels to expansive 3-bedroom corner units, there’s a space for every lifestyle within this architectural masterpiece.




From embracing a fitness regimen akin to that of a celebrity, to enjoying moments of tranquility, and from immersive entertainment to even occasional business discussions, Society House offers an array of considerate amenities that enhance your lifestyle to a whole new level.

• Outdoor CrossFit ‘box’: Challenge yourself with a purpose-built outdoor CrossFit arena designed to inspire champions.

• Fitness studio: Elevate your fitness journey with top-of-the-line equipment and cutting-edge workout classes offered within our exclusive in-house fitness studio.

• Golf simulator: Perfect your swing within our state-of-the-art indoor golf simulator, providing a completely immersive virtual golfing experience.


4 Vertical Gardens

Swimming Pool


Private Cinema

Resident's Lounge

Padel Courts


Mercedes-Benz Places

AED 8,800,000

2 to 5 Bedroom

1,500 - 12,486 sq.ft

Q4 2025



Woodland Residences

AED 13,500,000/-

5 Bedroom

7,335 sq.ft

Q4 2021


District 11

The Acres

AED 5,090,000/-

3 to 5 Bedroom

3,915 to 6,001 sq.ft

Q4 2027


The Acres

Address Al Marjan Island

AED 1,700,000/-

1 to 4 Bedroom

659 to 2,761 sq.ft

Q1 2028


Ras Al Khaima

Vela Viento

AED 18,000,000/-

2 to 4 Bedroom

2,800 to 10,000 sq.ft

Q3 2027


Business Bay

One River Point

AED 1,480,000/-

1 to 4 Bedroom

487 to 5,847 sq.ft

Q2 2027


Business Bay

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Download Society House Floor Plan

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