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How are virtual tours reshaping your property search?

In a world that is becoming more digitalized each day, everything seems to be happening online. Apparently, so are potential buyers. They go home hunting via virtual tours, so choosing their property is now just a few clicks away.

Property virtual tours are becoming the latest form of marketing, promoting engagement with the company’s website and even building more trust around their services. Sitting in the comfort of your home while checking out 3D real estate viewings is easier and faster than going places. One-click on your phone or laptop and you are virtually inside your dream home. The evolution of virtual imaging makes it possible for all to avail of a whole new dimension within the real estate game. For instance, real estate 360 virtual tours, new apps, and innovative software are reshaping the future of the industry.

Virtual home tours allow for a more comprehensive picture of the respective property. However, it will never replace physical viewings and the palpable feel you get while being physically present on the premises.

The real estate industry mainly showcases three types of virtual tours. For example, the Panoramic Tour gives a full, 360 degrees view of the property. Furthermore, the Video Tour is also highly used, giving a full view of the area. Thirdly, the Interactive Floor Plan Tour is equally useful to give you a better understanding of the property’s setting and the floor plan.

Virtual Property Tours: Welcome to the Future

Statistics show a gradual increase in virtual tours usage across many brands and businesses, particularly real estate. Similarly, post-Covid 19, the industry is embracing the use of more digital solutions to boost the selling and buying of property. The pandemic has brought many changes to the way people live, work, and shop. During this time, fifty percent of the customers rely fully on virtual tours to help them make the right decision about their next investment. Therefore, virtual tours can boost a listing’s potential to a large extent. Virtual tours have millions of daily views worldwide, attracting more leads and customers. Furthermore, these customers will always check online property portals before they make up their minds to ask for actual viewing. It makes it so much easier to shortlist the property online. So, if you decide to include a virtual tour on your website, both parties involved will benefit greatly.

Firstly, the customer will save time and energy by narrowing down the listings they find most appealing. Subsequently, if the client gets a comprehensive experience online, it can save agents’ time by eliminating time waters and futile viewings. Digital property tours can be a decisive factor for the client. They will quickly get the feel of it and know whether to invest time to visit the property or not. Therefore, it is important for the agent and the real estate agency to use extensive digital technology while engaging with potential buyers.

How do I make a virtual tour of the property?

 The budget and the tools you use will greatly determine the actual quality of the end product. If you wish to produce great quality virtual tours, you will need the proper equipment. Real Estate photography and videography are the best tools at hand, utilizing the latest photography equipment. However, there are many other elements to consider if the budget is rather low. 360-degree video cameras are easily available on the market for around $200. Start by selecting the best views and angles, while making sure premises are clutter-free. Lighting is very important for a high-value virtual tour. So, make sure the property has sufficient natural light flowing in if you shoot indoors. Start the tour by shooting from the main entrance looking in. Remember to minimize the use of flash or eliminate altogether. It can make the objects appear distorted or add glare to shots. Furthermore, try to guide the viewers’ interest in each room, highlighting interesting details such as design or fixtures.

Shooting outdoors is equally important to highlight the surroundings. A beautifully landscaped garden or backyard can add quality and increase viewings. Buyers get excited with natural surroundings showcasing the area, the views around the property, and community amenities.

Ultimately, the virtual tour is much more than just showing what the property looks like. It is also about giving buyers attractive reasons as to why they should choose to live there.

Pros and Cons

In a virtual tour, everything appears quite glamorous but, it is ultimately the personal touch that matters more. Therefore, most people will always physically visit the property before finalizing the deal.

Similarly, there are many other details that a virtual tour will not reveal to the naked eye. For example, the quality of furniture and fixtures cannot appear as accurate online as they appear in reality. The same applies when you view the neighborhood virtually. You cannot get the real feel of the place unless you walk it. Similarly, you have to be physically present to fully grasp the natural light flow or proper ventilation of a home. Most importantly, whether you are a buyer or a seller, you will definitely want to meet the other party and interact with them face to face. Both parties should review terms and conditions, and thoroughly check all documents before signing the contract.

The virtual tour of a property is an important aspect of the whole home-buying process. However, it is only the initial step. Lastly, you can only feel you have reached home once you step in and assimilate the energy of the place.



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