Moving House in Dubai

Moving house in Dubai can be a daunting task. However, the approach, knowledge, and resources at hand will make a big difference while you are shifting. With all the overthinking that comes with moving house in Dubai, it is best to simplify and break down the process into practical steps.

Below, we look at a few facts and guidelines on how you can have a smooth transition while shifting over to your new place. In the current Covid pandemic climate we find ourselves in, everything is quite transitional. Expats in UAE have to reconsider living expenses post Covid 19 and shift residence accordingly. Housing trends are also changing with a tendency towards properties with more space and ample outdoors. Villas and townhouses are more in demand, as they provide more privacy and comfort for families. The pandemic forced us all to spend more time at home, becoming a new sanctuary where we live, work and educate children.

Therefore, the decision to upgrade or downsize your residence should consider these facts, in order to choose a property where you feel totally at ease and comfortable spending more time at home.

It is important to note how impeccably UAE handled the pandemic and the steps leading to the fast recovery of the economy and property market. Dubai remained open to visitors even during pandemic restrictions, and the UAE is leading the world’s fastest vaccination campaigns. For instance, over 75% of the UAE population is currently vaccinated.

The Dubai property market currently offers lower prices and very flexible mortgage conditions. Therefore, secondary market rental and sales transactions are reaching new, unprecedented highs.

Moving House in Dubai: Prepare well in advance

As you continue with the process of moving home, you need to consider further factors. Dubai’s property market is now in its most dynamic stage and thousands of new properties have become available for rent, so you will have a large portfolio to choose from. Firstly, this is the time to contact a reliable real estate agent and put across your requirements and budget available to you. Secondly, looking at the cost of shifting will also determine how much you will be saving on rent in the long run. Last but not least, you need to go house hunting and book viewings to explore several properties and options.

You can expect charges for agency fees if you decide to engage brokerage services via an agent. The fee usually stands at 5%.

Other costs involve a 5% deposit for your new residence and cheques you will be submitting to the agent or landlord, to cover the rent. Current trends in Dubai allow payment with several cheques which can be very helpful to reduce the total cost of moving. However, payment can be made in one, two, or four cheques as well, depending on circumstances. Furthermore, a tenancy contract will be prepared and registration of Ejari, which is compulsory by law. You can register your Ejari online and this will take only 15 minutes processing time. The cost is around AED 240.

In addition, there is also the DEWA or EMPOWER deposit to consider which will be slightly more expensive if you shift to a villa or townhouse. For example, the DEWA deposit amount for a flat is AED 2,000 and AED 4,000 for a villa.

Moving Hose in Dubai: Permit and Moving Company

If necessary, you can book a moving company in Dubai to ensure a smooth, stress-free relocation to your new property. Shop around until you find an all-inclusive package that will cover most of the aspects. For example, the removal company will cover maintenance, decorating, moving furniture, and unpacking everything at the new location. Packages vary from AED 2,000 to AED 3,000 and operations take up to two or three days to complete. Movers will pack and dismantle your belongings, help you declutter, and put everything back together again. Similarly, you need to place a greater focus on salinization and proper hygiene during and after the move. Thus, you can ensure safety and germs contamination. Therefore, its important to comply with rules and regulations, follow the guidelines and secure your health and wellbeing as well as that of your family.

In addition, moving home inside UAE requires you to obtain a move-in and move-out permit, for which you need to apply in writing. Furthermore, both your old and new property management company or landlord will have to receive the request. Once you provide the times and date of the move, you will get a clearance certificate and you’re good to go. Also, in the case of using removal company services, you will need to provide the company name and their trade license number. Currently, moving is allowed from 8 am to 8 pm.

Time for your new home and new experiences!

It’s time to settle into your new property and there is still so much to do. Is it wise to hire a deep cleaning company to sterilize and disinfect your new home? Have you completed filling in the snagging report for the property? How about transferring the internet provider or opt for a new subscription?

Make a note of all details and start with the beginning. Firstly, you have 48 hours to report any property issues and damages. Subsequently, the landlord needs to rectify and fix the issues. Ideally, the issues will resolve before you fully move in or within a week of occupying the new premises.

Secondly, consider finding out what internet provider services your area, so you can transfer and reconnect your internet package.

Most importantly, you will need to have a budget ready to go shopping for your new home, which is unavoidable. From soft furnishing to more solid items, you will find the options are as varied as the prices themselves. There is a great deal of furniture and homeware shops available in Ikea, Pan Emirates, or Dubai Mall. If you need to replace or upgrade items like fridge, oven, or washing machine, it’s best to research offers online first.

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