Is Dubai the best place to raise a family and enjoy the best quality of life?

What does living in Dubai feel like?

This city never ceases to amaze us, with its multi-faceted experiences and adventures. Once you get a taste of it, you are hooked for life.  Dubai is an integral part of us, or rather we are fully immersed in it.

Beautiful hotels, expensive cars, impressive buildings, the desert, white sandy beaches, oil, skyscrapers, and enormous wealth. Most people would think this is all that Dubai stands for. However, for residents and expats living here for a longer time, the image of Dubai is different. One must dive into a little history to have a better understanding.

UAE has only been an official state since 1971. As a new emirate, Dubai needs time to create its own identity, whereas, in Europe, we have a well-documented history and historical landmarks. While Dubai cannot probably offer the same authenticity as London, or New York as of yet, it has other enormous benefits to offer. As a resident of Dubai myself, I could highlight all the glitter and the glam, but I wish to shed some light on different aspects. There is so much more to Dubai.

Dubai – A leading example of Progress and Development

Dubai strives to be leading in every field possible, as it continues to adapt and reinforce new laws, to better serve and accommodate all residents. Dubai fully understands that in order to progress substantially, it has to adopt a new vision, and new regulations without compromising on the significance of traditions and heritage, which are so important to the local people.

For the past twenty years, Dubai has emerged as a global financial and trade hub, a tax-free haven with global exposure for its multi-cultural workforce and rapid growth.

The number one motivation for expats looking to relocate with families and kids to Dubai remains safety and security. Dubai is currently one of the safest cities in the world. Furthermore, in contrast to what some people might think, especially women and mothers are sacred in this culture. Dubai has the lowest crime rate and the police is efficient and fast to action on any issues.

Dubai is the hub of new opportunities for those who dream big. There is great ease around starting your own business in the emirate or buying property. The real estate market is very smartly priced and comparatively cheaper to other global cities. Dubai has a very diverse business landscape, offering new markets, amid the rise of crypto transactions and internet technology. With world-class infrastructure and the construction sector expected to outperform other industries, Dubai is poised for further economic growth. The economy is gradually shifting from oil dependency to innovation, hospitality, and tourism, which indicates sustainability and progress.

All these changes and sustained progress are reflective of the level of willingness and ambition. The goal for Dubai is to become the best city to live in by 2040.

Dubai – A haven for kids and a great educational system

Dubai is 100% a child-friendly city with countless activities to do, and the weather is always fantastic.

Schools are under the strict supervision of the KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) and adhere to the highest international standards. They are responsible for the growth and quality of private education in Dubai. This institution supports schools to create a high-quality education sector focused on happiness and wellbeing. Respect and responsibility are important values. Moral Education is even a subject that is part of the curriculum. The children are taught to be socially involved from an early age, “to be aware of your indebtedness to society.”

Fun activities for children in Dubai are endless and countless. Beaches, water parks, interactive museums, creative works, theater, karting on top of Dubai Mall, Museum of the Future, paintball in a jungle, desert safari, flight simulation on an Emirates airplane, diving in an aquarium. It is all here.

 Dubai – Ahead of its Time

The UAE rose to fame with the right leadership and determination to grow beyond its glittering skylines.

The goal is to put Dubai ten years ahead of other world cities.

The city is designed to deliver a better standard of life with easy access to everything online and home delivery. Easy access to services has a direct impact on happiness levels. Almost everything can be delivered to your doorstep, from groceries, and food, to a hairdresser, a massage, or petrol delivery via CAFU.

Dubai believes that a country’s success can be measured by its innovation, services, and the quality of life it provides for its citizens. Furthermore, Dubai is already a smart and sustainable city, focusing on creating new routes for shaping the future. Looking at the future use of energy, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Mohammad Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai explains that energy from solar panels will be 16 times higher by 2040. The Dubai Clean Energy Strategy aims to have the emirate produce 75% of its energy from clean sources by the year 2050. Also, Dubai is looking to secure a top spot in the world’s Global Food Security Index by 2051. The Government is already enforcing new policies and strategies for technology-based production and supply of food, supporting international trade partnerships. This is going to result in the reduction of food waste.

The Future Belongs to Dubai

The future of Dubai is all about infrastructure, food security, artificial intelligence, and attracting the right talents and minds.

Dubai welcomes talent and companies from abroad with exceptional backgrounds and individuals who can contribute and add value to the future. As a result of the major revamp of the UAE visa residency system, the city is experiencing a great demand for real estate, and investors will now have full ownership of their company on UAE grounds, without the need for a local sponsor. Long-term visa eligibility has eased off, allowing investors, professionals, and job seekers to benefit from Golden Visa, long-term entry permits, or Green Residency.

Dubai is experiencing incredible development and is catching momentum, moving ahead of its time.

“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn’t something you await, but rather create”

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

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