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Dubai best camping sites – Your next trip is here

Dubai’s best camping sites usually paint a very pretty picture. The city usually brings to mind a picture of luxury and opulence, seven-star hotels, shopping at Dubai Mall, and living in skyscrapers. However, the city reveals so much more beauty and appeal with natural surroundings that many would not expect from an 80% desert land.

Away from the glamour of Downtown and Burj Khalifa, you can explore the magical vastness of the desert. The stunning mountains, beaches, and azure waters of the Arabian Gulf are a sight of endless beauty. Therefore, it’s time to pack up and go explore Dubai and UAE on a different level.

Below we reveal the most popular, beautiful destinations for your next camping adventure. Desert camping around Dubai and across UAE will reveal some unique spots, secluded camping sites that will leave you in awe. Similarly, the highest mountain range in the eastern Arabian Peninsula and the endless coastal area reveals more beauty than you ever imagined. The feeling you get when you explore the wilderness while you are camping and sleeping under the stars is priceless. Furthermore, camping allows you to go trekking across the majestic mountains or barbecue under the sun, cross the rolling dunes and feel wide and free

What to pack?

Dubai best camping sites let you embark on a camping adventure like never before. However, before you set off and buy your tent, make sure you pack bare necessities for your journey. Some of the picturesque camping sites do offer some essential amenities. However, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it’s best to prepare in advance. Food and water are the main important on the list, to keep your energy levels up and stay hydrated. Apart from your tent and blankets, make sure to bring sleeping bags and warm clothing, as it can get quite cold overnight in the desert and the mountains. Invest in proper tent equipment, as it will serve you well, for sure. Similarly, you will need torches, a portable charger, good sunscreen, and an emergency kit, just to be on the safe side.

Ideally, you should always use a 4×4 vehicle for the journey. These cars are geared up for the desert dunes and mountain terrain. They will not let you down or see you stuck. However, if you are misfortunate enough to get stuck in the sand, call out for help and use available resources nearby. As a last resort, you must call recovery services to pull you out. Depending on your location, they arrive very fast and, they are fully equipped to recover the vehicle.

Last but not least, sunglasses, a hat, proper footwear, and a good camera to snap great images should also be part of your essentials.

Ideal months for camping in UAE are mid-October to May when the weather is not as hot as during summer.

The Great Outdoors

 Al Qudra Lakes

We picked Al Qudra Lakes as number one for many reasons. It is easy to reach, closest to Dubai residents, and one of the best places to relax and enjoy the splendid scenery. Al Qudra’s beautiful setting offers the desert landscape on one side while the other side is a conservation reserve for wildlife. The lakes are home to many wild species, so expect to enjoy the sight of flamingos and swans, and even camels, if you are lucky. So, make sure to bring a pair of binoculars. Lastly, if the mood calls for something more romantic, bring your loved one to the “Love Lakes”, for a romantic sunset.

Fossil Rock Sharjah

For a perfect dune bashing experience and buggy rides, you have to try Fossil Rock in Sharjah. It is one hour drive from Dubai and a most popular spot for camping lovers. Also, it completely takes you into another world, far from civilization. Perfect for off-roading, hiking, and larger groups seeking the adrenaline. Furthermore, the place is part of an archeological site, hence the name that aptly suits.


Hatta is 130 kilometers away from Dubai city center. This is another ideal weekend gateway for camping and hiking near the stunning Hajar mountains. The hiking trails stretch across 32 kilometers. Furthermore, Hatta Water Dam enjoys so many visitors who take to kayaking or paddling across the lakes and further check into the fancy Sedr Trailers. This is the first trailer hotel where you can camp and get the luxury treatment associated with five-star hotels. For some AED 300 a night, you can camp in luxury and have your own terrace and lounge to unwind in.


You will never encounter the mirage of the desert the same way Liwa reveals it. The most impressive sunsets and sunrises await here. You are in the middle of complete seclusion, away from the noise of the world. For true desert lovers and off-road safari professional drivers, this is the ultimate adventure. Here you can truly savor the raw beauty of the desert. Liwa is the most beautiful desert, not only in Abu Dhabi but in the whole world. However, the only way to cross it is by 4×4. Also, make sure you keep a compass and a tank full of petrol at all times.

Dubai Best Camping Sites by the beach

Banana Beach

The Jebel Ali beach resort is a favorite spot for beach lovers who like to camp by water and enjoy great sunrises. There are 47 camping tents available for rent. Staff is on-site to provide further assistance or chairs and pillows if you need. The cost per night is around AED 350. There are also water sports available, for an additional cost.

Al Dhafra Beach

One of the best beaches in Abu Dhabi, Al Dharfa lets you camp by the sea and enjoy water sports such as diving and snorkeling. Furthermore, the place perfectly combines beach and desert all in one, making it a great spot for the entire family.

Snoopy Island

Snoopy Island is a tiny rock island along the Fujairah coastline, ideal for families with kids. This beach campsite offers idyllic views of the Indian Ocean and the Hajar Mountains. Take the kids along for a boat trip and go snorkeling through the crystal clear waters, admiring colorful marine life.





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