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The off-plan property investment has been experiencing a boom cycle recently, gaining more popularity in the region, especially since the beginning of 2021. Local and international investors are taking to the market with confidence, seizing the opportunities for lucrative ROI and capital gains. There are many benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai. Furthermore, the thriving economy, stability in the region and attractive prices are attracting more interest and demand. Investors see the potential in the market, evidenced by the surge in off-plan sales. Actually, the total value market for the off-plan segment has increased by 44% in Q2 of 2021, according to reports from Property Finder.

Reports indicate a median price increase for both apartments and villas/townhouses, of up to 12% within a 12 months’ time frame. Subsequently, the average price per off-plan transaction has also surged from AED 1,246,000 in August 2020, to AED 1,905,000 in August 2021. As it turns out, August 2021 has been the best month for off-plan sales, when the market recorded 2,599 deals worth AED 4.95 billion. This is the highest value for transactions ever recorded since the end of 2013.

With the worst of the pandemic well behind us, the UAE is currently hosting the largest, most popular event worldwide — Expo 2020, which has already generated 1,500,000 visitors in less than a month. Therefore, benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai include Expo 2020. It is now acting as a catalyst for the real estate market, placing Dubai under a spotlight for fresh investors. In turn, developers follow suit and have been launching fresh, attractive projects in suburban communities. For example, Dubai South or Dubailand are great sellers for villas and townhouses that one can purchase below market value.

Are Off-plan properties a good investment?

For many reasons we are about to explore below, the answer is yes. If the year ahead presents an opportunity for you to invest, by all means, this is the best time to do it. Therefore, the benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai are your best start to build towards profitability.

Developers are putting on display a great variety of villas and townhouses in very attractive areas. These areas show there is consistent demand for larger homes. People are seeking more privacy, more natural surroundings than ever before. This is because they spend so much more time at home, post the pandemic. More people now tend to favor living in the suburbs, away from the city noise but in close proximity to key areas, and with ease of commuting. Therefore, the villa/townhouse segment is seeing such a strong increase in demand and great market performance, especially since last year.

Benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai — Buy below market value

Buying off-plan property at a significantly cheaper price than average places the buyer at a clear advantage within the market. For example, if you invest in off-plan today and the building is ready for completion three years from now, the value of your asset would have grown significantly over the three years. Therefore, buyers can experience strong capital growth even prior but especially post-completion date.

Sell before completion for a small profit

Furthermore, it is possible to sell your property before completion, with no penalty. Once the developer issues NOC and you have met all your repayments to date, you are free to resell your off-plan property, at a profit. For instance, you can choose to sell your property now at a higher market value, even if is not completed. Actually, you now enter in competition with the developer, as a seller. However, this is a quick fix if you’re looking for small, immediate profit. It is best to wait for the asset to mature, and rent out the property for regular income as well as capital growth.

Small deposit and attractive payment plan

Many developers offer the most attractive payment plans with the purchase of an off-plan property.

Some developers waive off DLD charges or offer substantial discounts for service charges. It all adds up to help you save more, in the long run. Buying off-plan guarantees a brand-new build that will bring good ROI upon completion. Furthermore, you can benefit from an additional discount if you buy several properties in one go or an entire floor. Similarly, many off-plan deals come with the benefit of a small deposit and payment plans spread over a number of years, with good installments. Paying in installments for a property is a widely popular trend, as the majority of buyers cannot make 100% upfront payments. Therefore, introducing a payment plan facilitates the ease and convenience of purchasing a property.

At offplanfinder. ae, we can secure your best deal on off-plan properties. Due to our solid partnerships with the most renowned developers in Dubai, we can rely on them for direct negotiation and the best discounts. Therefore, we have recently achieved a diamond alliance by Emaar. At offplanfinder. ae, we efficiently manage to sell a large number of off-plan properties and the many awards we obtain are testimony to our achievement.

Protection laws for the buyers

UAE legislation ensures that the Real Estate Regulatory Authority and the Dubai Land Department have all necessary measures in place to protect buyers’ interests and rights. You will be protected against any delays, fraud, or cancellation from the developer’s side. Therefore, buyers invest with confidence in a safe market regulated by strict policies for off-plan properties.

Benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai — Top picks

No matter the price, location, or property type, offplanfinder. ae in Dubai has the greatest off-plan variety

Dubai Hills Vista at Dubai Hills Estate

Investing in off-plan properties in Dubai with the luxurious project at Dubai Hills Estate is highly recommended. The project will feature 40 bespoke villas inspired by Automobili Lamborghini. The six-bedroom villas come with large terraces. From here you will enjoy stunning views over the championship Dubai Hills Golf Course and Dubai skyline. Prices start at AED 26,600,000

Arabian Ranches

Benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai at Arabian Ranches III —The latest launch from Emaar, June Villas, is already generating a lot of interest due to the project being the first twin villas with side gardens, developed by Emaar. Arabian Ranches is home to over 40 There will be two phases to the project. June 1 with a total of 183 residences out of which nine are independent villas. Additionally, June 2 will feature 35 homes and only one independent villa. Prices start at AED 3,000,000 for a four-bedroom villa and AED 3,900,000 for a five-bedroom villa.

Emaar South

Emaar South paves the way to Dubai’s future. The popular sub-community is an integral part of the mega-development – Dubai South. It is revealing beautiful surrounding parks and an 18-hole championship golf course. Furthermore, with a great selection of affordable off-plan properties on display, Emmar South presents five main projects comprising one-to-three-bedroom apartments and two-to-four-bedroom villas for sale. The most popular is Expo Golf, followed by Urbana, Golf Links, Golf Views, and Saffron.

Where to invest in Offplan Pojects in Dubai

If you are ready to invest in off-plan properties in Dubai, we will highlight the best options and best areas for you to consider, for an optimum outcome. OffPlan Finder is an informative site aiming to assist prospective buyers with current, accurate project information and offers relating to market trends in Dubai. If you wish to stay up to date with the latest market trends, read our blogs. For sure, it will help you have a thorough estimate of selling prices and emerging districts, for your next investment.

Invest in off-plan properties in Dubai — What to consider

To invest in off-plan properties in Dubai, you need to be well informed. The city has a great supply of high-quality real estate off-plan projects. Furthermore, there are many advantages that the market is currently offering to home buyers who are ready to invest. For instance, many developers launch projects with amazing discounts, payment plans, and small deposit percentage. Some key factors to consider before investing in any off-plan deal: location, location, location.

You can never underestimate the importance of your next property purchase and its location. Location. Because based on that, you can gauge the return on investment and long-term profitability factor. No doubt, the location dictates everything about the property. For example, price, connectivity, accessibility, or amenities. Similarly, there are other major points of consideration. For example, the number of units available, the price, the cash flow, the capital gains, and your exit options, should it come to that.

Best areas to invest in off-plan luxury segment

The luxury off-plan market is more active than ever post Covid 19. Actually, this is the best time to invest in off-plan properties in Dubai. The UAE’s government measures to prevent and combat the pandemic have paved the way for a wave of new investors from all over the world. They find Dubai a safe haven for investment, with an impressive portfolio of outstanding luxury homes, well priced compared to other markets. The high demand in the luxury property segment in Palm Jumeirah or Jumeirah Bay is driving villa prices up by 5% in Q3 of 2021.

Actually, this is according to reports by Knight Frank who also states that properties worth over $10 million have broken sales records with 54 homes sold, compared to 31 in 2015. For instance, prime locations where such luxury properties are selling so far indicate Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Downtown areas are leading the way, with 75% of sales taking place in these districts.

However, the prime market is expanding beyond Downtown, to Business Bay and other areas, as we highlight below.

One Palm Jumeirah

Here you can build a most lavish life you don’t need a vacation from.

Exclusivity is at the core of One Palm Therefore, the collection only features a limited number of three-to-seven-bedroom residences. The building features three parts. Each part allows access to strictly two apartments per floor. There are a total of 94 units altogether, spanning over 25 storeys. The building façade shows a staggered design in form and structure, courtesy of award-winning New York firm SOMA. The form and function come together in perfect sink, to deliver the ultimate statement of sophistication and beauty. You can expect unparalleled sea views, top-class amenities, and features such as personal infinity pools within your home and private elevators leading to your residence. Leather finishes, natural stone, and wood elements complement the Zen-like style and feel of these residences. Prices start at AED 14,000,000

Dubai Hills Vista at Dubai Hills Estate

The luxurious project at Dubai Hills Estate will feature 40 bespoke villas inspired by Automobili Lamborghini. The exclusive, futuristic residences incorporate flowless design and aesthetics, perfectly emulating the innovative Lamborghini brand and its cutting-edge interiors. If residents wish to get even further into the personalized brand’s concept, they can avail of the Lamborghini branded furniture, at additional cost. The six-bedroom villas come with large terraces from where you will enjoy stunning views over the championship Dubai Hills Golf Course and Dubai skyline. Prices start at AED 26,600,000.

IL Primo in Dubai Downtown

Apartments in the 77 storey IL Primo tower reflect an exceptionally refined luxury experience with massive living spaces, overlooking stunning views of Burj Khalifa, The Fountain, and the Downtown skyline. The tower features four and five-bedroom penthouses and six-bedroom duplex penthouses. Sizes range from 5,253 sq. ft to 11,550 sq. ft, covering half or entire floors. Interiors lure you in with great appeal. Furthermore, they are tastefully designed with marble features, sleek wooden elements, and superior finishes. Homes exude a subtle elegance and sophistication, reflecting the choice of global high net-worth homebuyers. Additionally, the project boasts one of the largest unit sizes in Downtown Dubai. The building also features a recreational podium, business lounges, and top-class amenities fit for a bespoke lifestyle. Prices start at AED 17,500,000 for a four-bedroom residence.

Off-plan investment mid-market segment

Port de la Mer La Sirene

The residential community boasts an impressive 2.5 kilometers of pristine beaches and a marina promenade overlooking Palm Jumeirah. Furthermore, a collection of low-rise residences, townhouses, and villas will populate the district with distinctive aesthetics. The community features a spectacular collection of 408 residential apartments comprising one to four bedrooms. However, three to five-bedroom townhouses and penthouses are also available for sale. Port de la Mer features the following sub-communities: Sur la Mer, La Voile, La Rive, and newly added La Sirene.

La Sirene comprises one-to-four-bedroom apartments and six-bedroom duplexes overlooking the sea and yacht marinas. Offering the ideal retreat by the pristine coastal waters, La Sirene comes with easy access to the mainland and trendy Jumeirah 1. Prices start at AED 1, 290,000

June at Arabian Ranches

The latest launch from Emaar, June Villas, is already generating a lot of interest due to the project being the first twin villas with side gardens, developed by Emaar. Arabian Ranches is home to over 40 There will be two phases to the project. June 1 with a total of 183 residences out of which nine are independent villas. Additionally, June 2 will feature 35 homes and only one independent villa. Featuring four- and five-bedroom twin villas, the homes impress right away with a natural feel, spacious gardens, balcony, and rooftop terraces. The four-bedroom homes have one of the best villa layouts in the city.00 homes showcasing flawless design with Arabic and Mediterranean influences. Prices start at AED 3,000,000 for a four-bedroom villa and AED 3,900,000 for a five-bedroom villa.

15th Northside in Business Bay

Select Group’s development at 15 Northside in Business Bay embodies the finest waterfront living overlooking the Dubai skyline. Residents will have the best choice for modern facilities and direct access to the water canal and its promenade. The homes boast the highest quality finishes, open plan layouts, and floor-to-ceiling windows to boost natural light. There is a collection of studios as well as one-to-four-bedroom apartments spread over 21 floors. Prices start at AED 600,000 for a studio.

Invest in off-plan properties in Dubai — Most affordable areas

Emaar South

Emaar South paves the way to Dubai’s future. The popular sub-community is an integral part of the mega-development – Dubai South and is revealing beautiful surrounding parks and an 18-hole championship golf course. Furthermore, with a great selection of affordable off-plan properties on display, Emmar South presents five main projects comprising one-to-three-bedroom apartments and two-to-four-bedroom villas for sale. The most popular is Expo Golf, followed by Urbana, Golf Links, Golf Views, and Saffron. Urbana showcases some of the most popular layouts for townhouses, where you can choose between two- and three-bedroom homes starting at AED 1,105,888.

Akoya Oxygen

Properties here are resting amongst lush green surroundings and a golf course, at the heart of a tranquil community. Akoya stretches along Jebel Ali and Al Qudra road, neighboring other popular communities such as Mudon or Reem. Akoya promotes living in harmony with nature, utilizing energy proficient systems in alignment with eco-friendly guidelines. Additionally, properties here come with one-to-six-bedroom layouts, a backyard, and private parking. One-bedroom townhouse covers up to 744 sq. ft. and the selling price starts at AED 550,000.






Top 5 Beachfront properties in Emaar Beachfront by Emaar

This article takes a look at top 5 off-plan properties at Emaar Beachfront. The trendy community redefines seaside resort-style living in the best coastal community at Dubai Harbour.

Offering 1.5 kilometers of pristine beach with private access, the location promises to exceed your expectations on many levels. This is due to the impressive infrastructure, high-quality design, and best-in-class amenities available throughout the community. Furthermore, the captivating views over the Arabian Sea are flooding in from all angles across the residences. No doubt, everyone wishes to wake up to the beauty of the soothing sea. There are 27 towers under development at Emaar Beachfront comprising 10,000 residential units. Furthermore, Dubai Marina is practically on your doorstep, whether you choose to stroll over or drive there.


At the edge of the sea, Emaar Beachfront stretches gloriously between Jumeirah Beach Residence and Palm Jumeirah. The island destination adds glamour and high-quality living to the urban lifestyle at Dubai Harbour and Dubai Marina. With easy access to the main road, Sheikh Zayed Road connects you to major spots across Dubai in a matter of minutes. For instance, Ain Dubai and JBR are only 10 minutes away, while Burj Al Arab is 15 minutes away. Actually, this is where the city meets the beach, recreating a Miami beach-style ambiance where seaside harmony blends perfectly with the cosmopolitan vibes.

Flanked by sandy beaches on both sides, the ideal location will also offer plenty of local entertainment and attractions. For example, Dubai Square Mall will comprise 13,000 square meters dedicated to retail and leisure. Furthermore, other developments taking place are the Dubai Lighthouse with a 360 degrees views observation desk and a five-star hotel.

The first project to launch was Beach Vista twin towers, which is practically sold out. Other off-plan projects launched so far at Emaar Beachfront include Grand Bleu Tower, Sunrise Bay, Marina Sands, or Beach Mansion. As a matter of fact, the entire master development is set to complete by end of 2022. In our opinion, the top 5 Off-plan properties at Emaar Beachfront earned the top five nominations for being best in class. Subsequently, this is evidenced by the high demand and sales records indicating the popularity of these projects.

Top 5 Off-plan Properties at Emaar Beachfront — Best Sellers

 1 Grand Bleu Tower

The premier collaboration between Emaar and Elie Saab designer resulted in a statement of elegance and class at Grand Bleu Tower. The designer’s influence prevails across the entire building, bringing the 1930’s Miami Art Deco style to life with a modern twist. Therefore, we believe it has earned the top position for being the most sought-after project at Emaar Beachfront. The building showcases one-to-four-bedroom residences overlooking the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Marina. Homes are airy, flooded with light due to the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Similarly, contemporary design and high-quality finishes ornate the residences, along with subtle golden tones throughout the bedrooms and kitchens. Providing luxury resort-style amenities, the residences enjoy private beach access, a barbecue area, a fitness room, and a party room on the 8th floor. Timeless elegance is at the core of all Elie Saab’s designs and the four-bedroom penthouses in Grand Bleu Tower are no exception.

Completely sold out, the penthouses offer a luxury oasis of relaxation and majestic sea views. Furthermore, the long promenade stretching out from the building offers plenty of attractions, beach activities, and dining venues near the golden sands. The entire area is accessible via bridges and enjoys good connectivity to the rest of the city. Prices start at AED 2,020,888

 2 Marina Sands

Marina Sands is testimony to every intricate detail that went into the style and concept of the project. It offers the perfect escape to an oasis of peace and quiet by the sea, helping you disconnect from the hustle of the busy city. Life here offers you the best of both worlds. On one hand, the peaceful resort-style living, on the other hand, quick access to major sights around Dubai.

Contemporary and timeless designs are key elements of Marina Sands. Furthermore, the interiors give a blissful ambiance, with sandy colors and crisp white hues and tones, in addition to the modern architecture. For instance, homes come in one-to-four-bedroom configurations with open-plan living rooms and floor-to-ceiling windows. Modern aesthetics reveal bright interiors and chic finishes with plenty of storage available. There is already a high demand for the upper floors of the tower which offer several extra three- and four-bedroom units. Therefore, they have highly sought after. Apartments also feature balconies where you can chill out in the privacy and enjoy the delightful views. Prices start at AED 1,850,000 for a one-bedroom flat.

3 Beach Mansion

The latest release at Emaar Beachfront is Beach Mansion, sitting in the best part of the community, next to the main park. The off-plan choices here include one-to-four-bedroom apartments, with the larger three and four beds concentrated on the upper floors. Furthermore, duplex penthouses are also available. The skyrise tower captures the best views over the Arabian Gulf, from all corners, due to its orientation. The homes boast elegant finishes and floor-to-ceiling windows allowing natural light to flow in all day long. Impressive aesthetics highlight pale, light colors which bring a soothing ambiance of comfort. Similarly, the amenities are just as impressive and feature a retail plaza on the ground level, infinity pool, gym, and children playground. One of the highlights of the surroundings is the yacht marina and shopping mall nearby. Prices start at AED 1,783,888.

4 Marina Vista

As the name suggests, Marina Vista comes with the best vistas over the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Marina, complementing the luxury coastal lifestyle. All residences take into consideration sustainable living such as proper ventilation and eco-friendly materials. The twin towers rise 28, respectively 37 storeys high, comprising one-to-four-bedroom apartments. Additionally, all homes enjoy fitted kitchens, en suite master bedrooms, living and dining areas, and large terraces. Amenities provide access to a private marina and yacht berth, high-tech gym, swimming pool, and ample car park. A short stroll away, you can enjoy a variety of restaurants and shopping venues along the waterfront promenade. Prices start at AED 1,855,888.

 5 Beach Vista

Just because it comes in the fifth position in our top, Beach Vista is not in the least less impressive. Actually, as it stands at the present moment, there is only one remaining unit available for sale from Emaar. The rest of the units are available as resale units.

Beach Vista was a top seller as soon as it was launched, generating high demand. This is due to its location, the privacy it offers unrestricted panoramic views. The twin towers rest on a six-level podium, home to a fitness and wellness center. The 33 and 26 storey twin building features luxury one-to-four-bedroom apartments with ample glass façade and expansive balconies. Impressive panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Marina spread open from each angle of the residences. Furthermore, the building enjoys direct beach access through the lobby, from where you can start enjoying your full “Miami Beach” style adventure. Prices start at AED 2,931,888.


Selling your offplan property in Dubai with offplan finder

How to sell off-plan property in Dubai

If you are the lucky owner of off-plan property in Dubai but your circumstances dictate a premature resale, do not panic. There is always a bright side to selling your off-plan property before the project is completed. Below, we offer unbiased information on how to sell off-plan property in Dubai. Also, what happens if you do decide to sell before completion? What can you expect and how to get the best value? Read on.

If your financial circumstances change radically and are forcing you to sell, the good news is that you can do so, without penalties. However, if you happen to be an investor looking to sell purely for a profit, there is also the possibility of high returns, even before settlement. This can happen, especially if the value of the project is rising during construction phases.

Advantages of selling off-plan

You may still get the best out of your off-plan property, by becoming the seller on a rising market. If you buy early in the development stages, you will definitely enjoy special discounts from developers, along with the best price going. Therefore, when you decide to sell, it is most likely your off-plan property will sell quickly, with no loss. On the contrary, there is most potential for maximum profit on return on investment. For example, most buyers pay up to a 10% deposit for purchasing off-plan at a discount market value. If the initial purchase price is AED 1,000,000 including the deposit, the property will most definitely acquire additional value eight to twelve months later. Your property is now worth AED1,200,000, so your profit will be AED 250,000. That is pretty hard to resist, right?

How to sell off-plan property in Dubai before completion

When you decide to sell before completion, some developers have certain criteria, terms, and conditions in place, which you will need to comply with. Make sure to check with the developer and be aware of all conditions involved. For example, conditions set by Emaar require the owner to have up to 40% of the property cost paid off. Therefore, this is the time to refer to the SPA–sale-purchase agreement, for any conditions and to see the exact amount you are liable to pay before resale. Having said that, buying off-plan is easier than selling off-plan prior to completion. The developer who once arranged discounts and even finance for the buyer now suddenly becomes the competitor.

It is normal to be doubtful and over-cautious when you really need to liquidate. However, in spite of facing competition from private vendors, you can still make the resale work in your favor.

What are the steps leading to a favorable resale?

Once you reach a final decision to sell, you need to obtain a NOC certificate from the developer. The no-objection certificate will be issued only after a certain percentage of the property will be paid off. To determine the percentage you need to clear, refer to the purchase agreement and have a chat with the developer. Expect having to pay off up to 30% or 40% of total property cost, before you can resale.

Once you found the buyer, they will have to pay you an amount equal to what you have already paid to the developer. Subsequently, the buyer will take over future installments and payment plan, as initially agreed by the developer. Once all parties observe this process and follow suit, you can finalize the agreement on the selling price. Furthermore, the developer will register the new buyer and draft the contract for all to sign. If all parties agree on the terms, the transfer of property will take place. The new owner takes over the remaining installments, making the payment directly to the developer.


Once you find the right buyer and obtain the NOC from the developer, you can proceed to the trustee premises. The representing agent and the buyer will accompany you. The buyer will issue a manager cheque for you. It is important to note that the buyer is liable to pay the 4% registration fee to Dubai Land Department, as well as AED 5,000 to the developer for issuing the NOC. Furthermore, the buyer will also need to pay transfer fees of up to AED 5,000 or less, depending on the price of the property. However, there might be other costs involved, such as VAT and so, it is best to allow a property expert to assist you and take over the entire process.

We can help you resell your off-plan property

If you want to minimize your efforts and involvement, but increase your profit with the resale, it is time to reach out to offplanfinder. ae and let us help you. Because our connections and network stretch far beyond what you might assume, we are in a position to source the one buyer who is prepared to pay you the most. We apply our technological expertise and digital proficiency to showcase your property to buyers. Therefore, we maximize its selling potential in the current marketplace. At OffPlan Finder, we successfully continue to work along with master developers such as Emaar, Meraas, Nakheel, Dubai Properties. Thus, our connection to the best developers and investors in the market guarantees a successful transaction. Ultimately, our agents are licensed real estate brokers, highly skilled individuals who bring a wealth of experience onboard.


Do I need a real estate agent in Dubai?

Do I need a real estate agent in Dubai? Well, if you decided on a “do it yourself” strategy for selling your home, think again.

Selling your home is a big milestone in everyone’s life, an important transaction you are supposed to get the best out of. But you might face into many pitfalls if you try to navigate the process alone.  Selling without an agent is counterproductive and leaves you open to many risks. It might be tempting to try and sell your home by yourself in order to save money but it often goes wrong. Selling your home, the proper way is not something you can afford to fail at. Probably the biggest challenge you face selling alone is navigating all the legal requirements and regulations. So, do not underestimate the experience and expertise required for the process.

Therefore, below we explore some strong arguments as to why you should consider having an expert agent act on your behalf.

Qualified experts

Find an agent who lives and breathes real estate. There are many out there. Look for an expert who can maximize exposure for your property and negotiate the best deal. Choose someone who is totally on your side, willing to invest the time and expertise necessary to deal with such a complex transaction. A good real estate agent will prevent you from letting your emotions sabotage a good deal or drive away a good buyer because of your personal ego. They know how to qualify a good buyer as opposed to those who are only speculating. Furthermore, they will create urgency for the sale, push hard but also hold back when necessary.

Common errors

You are selling your home, so for sure there is emotional attachment involved, which can ultimately cloud your judgment. Besides, will you be able to invest the time, energy and show proper negotiation skills during viewing stages? These are only some of the common errors. But there are many more mistakes you might be prone to make along the way. For example, not properly marketing your home or not creating the right impression because of clutter or pending repairs. An agent by your side will make sure you offer your property to the market in the best possible light. Maybe your house needs a fresh coat of painting or the garden needs revamping?

What if you underestimate or overestimate your property value?
If you go too high, you risk major delays in selling or even lose a good sale. If you undervalue the property, it will probably haunt you for the rest of your life. The advantage of dealing with an agent is that they can estimate the exact value and market price. Furthermore, they have access to data about similar sales that the public has no access to.

Are you fully equipped to deal with potential buyers?

Sellers often don’t have the time to make themselves available to potential buyers and their schedules. This is one of the reasons sellers miss out on a good deal and it is also where the need for an agent becomes obvious. Being available for viewings and endless calls and questions is a daunting task for the seller. Especially if you try to juggle a full-time job, family, and other commitments, you will not be able to keep on top of things. Furthermore, can you single out serious prospects and eliminate time-wasters who are just curious?

Documents knowledge

If the seller is acting alone and does not have in-depth knowledge about contract terms for the sale, they can find themselves at a great disadvantage. You might get carried away with excitement over receiving a great offer, but are you familiar with Form F or MOU – memorandum of understanding? So, you have an offer in hand and you think you have reached the final stage of the process. But truth is, paperwork is only just beginning. Once you agree on the sale price, there are procedures in place to ensure a successful property transfer. You need to have a clear understanding of each contract clause and this is where a professional expert should take over.

Do I need a real estate agent in Dubai? Advantages

Most sellers agree that a good agent is priceless in helping to negotiate the best price for their home.

Negotiating the best price is a matter of impeccable skills and diplomacy which agents acquire throughout years of experience. They are constantly connected to the pulse of the market and know what is worth negotiating for. Furthermore, they can step in if you get emotional or offended by a very low offer, or if you give in to a quick sale because of pressure. Professional real estate agents are great at networking and hold a long list of relevant connections in the field. Therefore, they will quickly spread the word and use every connection to market your property.

At Off Plan Finder, our highly qualified agents will always look out for your best interests. You can search and choose one of our experts according to their area of expertise, nationality, and even languages they speak. Furthermore, their achievements history and list of awards are proof enough that you can rely on Off Plan Finder to get things done.

Do I need a real estate agent in Dubai, and who pays the commission?

It is a common market practice that agents charge 2% of the total sale amount and only the buyer pays the commission. RERA in Dubai has not yet set a very clear standard percentage around the commission amount and which party is liable to pay it.

However, RERA makes it very clear that agents can charge both sellers and buyers for commission. This is perfectly legal only if both parties enter into this agreement. Furthermore, agents’ fees in UAE are way lower at 2%, comparing to Europe or America where they charge 6%.


Long term visas to boost Dubai’s Real Estate

Long-term visas will boost Dubai’s Real Estate. It’s a fact.

Everyone welcomed the new Government initiative to implement long-term residence visas for foreigners. This measure will promote Dubai’s global image as one of the most investor-friendly countries in the world. Million expats and investors choose Dubai as their home or business headquarters because it is safe and profitable. Dubai has the fastest growing economy and is rapidly turning into the strongest commercial and financial hub of the Middle East.

Furthermore, expats represent a large portion of UAE’s private sector and their residency is subject to their employment status. Therefore, in 2019, the UAE adopted new visa measures to foster foreign investment and encourage expats to legally settle in UAE long term. Foreigners can now obtain long-term residence visas providing they add value to the economy and invest large capital in UAE.

What is a long-term residence visa?

If you qualify for a long-term residence visa, you can live, work and study within UAE without the need for sponsorship. Furthermore, you can now have 100% ownership of your own business without the need for a local sponsor. A long-term visa will be issued for five or ten years and will be renewed automatically. Similarly, if you own property to the value of AED 1,000,000, you qualify for a three-year visa programme. Secondly, those who invest AED 5,000,0000 in property, will qualify for a five-year visa. Thirdly, those who can afford to invest AED 10,000,000 in the UAE economy will be granted a ten-year visa. Holding a ten-year visa allows you to sponsor your spouse and children, as well as a business partner and one executive.

Subsequently, highly accomplished individuals with a great talent for arts and culture will also benefit from long-term visas. Students with outstanding performance, innovators, and entrepreneurs are all welcome to apply for a long-term visa if they meet eligibility criteria. You can check for qualifying conditions via governmental online portals ( https://u.ae/en/information-and-services/visa-and-emirates-id/residence-visa/long-term-residence-visas-in-the-uae )

Long term visas to boost Dubai’s real estate: New plans, new horizons

The new regulations allow 100% ownership for foreign investors, thus increasing the appeal for businesses and families to settle in UAE. Following the present process, investors can now fully own their business without Emirati stakeholders. The decision is effective since June 1st, 2021 and many are benefiting already across sectors such as general trade or contracting. Investors can apply via the digital platform “Invest in Dubai”. There are no additional fees or additional capital required to benefit from 100% ownership.

There is a full list of available activities open to 100% ownership, and you can view it at:


This opens up new horizons for Dubai’s economy, emphasizing the ease of conducting business and expansion of trade and commerce within the country.

Market rejuvenation

Residents welcome the reforms and initiatives which will rejuvenate the economy and the real estate sector.

The UAE economy and particularly the real estate market will see a positive impact following the implementation of long-term visas. Dubai is already an attractive destination for expats seeking high living standards and an attractive lifestyle. Moving forward with these flexible reforms will create market loyalty and long-term perspectives for residents who can finally call UAE their home.

Market rejuvenation is also visible across retail, hospitality, and health care. Long-term visas can influence spending decisions for residents and for investors who look for long-term capital gains.


The longer expats remain in the UAE, the longer the economy can benefit from their contribution.

If you choose to settle in Dubai with your family, you will need more permanent accommodation. Therefore, you will look into buying real estate. Similarly, businessmen looking to establish their offices in Dubai will invest in commercial real estate, boosting the public sector. The property market will thrive under new visa rules when expats adjust their long-term view of life and start investing more in family homes. Subsequently, holiday home sales will also increase as a result of long-term visa reforms. Since Dubai is such a popular spot for holidaymakers, it will be the ideal location to invest in a holiday home to spend the winter season here.

UAE’s measures are exemplary, making it easy for people to settle in Dubai long-term, thus turning renters into buyers of properties. A great demand is currently visible in villas and townhouses worth up to AED 5,000,000, indicating huge interest for the family segment.

Retire in Dubai

Residents over 55 years old can now apply for long-term visas through property investment. You can obtain a five-year visa based on earnings over AED 20,000 a month. Alternatively, if you own a property worth AED 2,000,000 in UAE, you also qualify. The initiative will increase the appeal of senior residents to retire in UAE, offering a strong sense of security to older expats. They will be more motivated to invest in buying homes. Dubai is strongly competitive when it comes to retirement destinations. It provides sunshine all year round and is one of the safest cities in the world. The retirement visa fee is around $1000 and covers the issuance of Emirates ID as well as a medical exam.

UAE leadership has always been one step ahead in implementing liberal, strategic ideas. Such measures positively impact the socio-economic landscape of the country as well as the Middle East. The decision could generate a chain reaction for other states, to follow suit. Not only that, but it will also attract a fresh influx of property investors.

Six Strategies for successful real estate investing

Six Strategies for successful real estate investing offers you guidelines on how to maximize your profits.

Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the world for tourism and lucrative real estate investments. It stands on a lot of opportunities and a solid property market that is growing at a fast pace. Dubai is paving the way for a very promising, successful future, a profitable economy, and a significant real estate portfolio. The property market has generated more profit than many other industries in UAE, in spite of the pandemic slowdown. With Expo 2020 just days away from the grand opening, we can expect a return to pre-pandemic levels for the property sector.

The city is thriving on endless ambitions, offering a great platform for worldwide investors and first-time buyers. Some might think you need substantial capital to enter the market. However, the assets are very accessible. For example, you can join the investment pool for as little as 400,000 dirhams. Furthermore, the highly regulated industry has strong legislation in place to protect investors’ interests.

Be financially prepared and well informed

Before you get carried away expecting a high return on investment, get to know the current market and pick the most suitable property for yourself. There are many strategies you can apply that can lead to great success. But, at the same time, there are no guarantees. It all depends on the market demand and your choice of property. You must have a clear understanding on how some properties perform in some locations, as opposed to others. Is the demand high or not in your area of interest? Similarly, are you monitoring the rate of ROI in that particular zone? Furthermore, research and analyze price performance for the last three or four years, and talk to qualified professionals who have strong expertise in the area.

Six strategies for successful real estate investing

Keep it simple

Moving on, are you financially stable enough to buy or finance the property? Are you prepared to make a cash down payment, secure a loan or dip into your savings to invest in real estate? Also, how long are you prepared to wait for the asset to gain capital value over the course of years?

It is best to start small rather than go big and keep it simple by minimizing your expenses. Once you establish yourself on the market with some great passive income, then you can start building your real estate portfolio into an empire.

1 Direct Investment – Long-term rentals

A simple, basic, traditional investment in real estate starts with buying your own property for rentals. When you become an owner and subsequently a landlord, you need to make sure that the rental payment will cover your mortgage and maintenance costs, which as a landlord you are liable to cover.

Whether you decide to lease out long term or short term, make sure that once you reach the resale stage, you get maximum returns. Rental investment is safe because demand for affordable housing is a constant reality and the flow of visitors and expats relocating to the UAE is on the increase. Owners will always benefit from that.

When you enter into a long-term rental agreement, both parties need to sign a contract committing to their obligations and contract clauses. Usually, the contract duration concludes after a year and both parties can renew. The contract protects the interest of both owner and landlord. For instance, if the tenant vacates the property before the end of the contract, they will be liable to fines. In addition, the landlord can evict the tenant for failure to pay rent or for other illegal activities on the premises.

2 Short term rentals

In the case of holiday or short-term rentals, the owner needs to obtain a license from DTCM – Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, in exchange for AED 1,500 fee.

Such type of investment is very popular as it generates up to 13% profit but does not come without certain issues. To avoid complications and property damage, the owner needs to consider registering with a reliable management company. They will oversee the smooth process of all operations from check-in to check out and cleaning the premises. Companies usually charge 20% of the total profit for their services.

3 Fix and Flip Investing

Some investors buy distressed properties and hold them for a short while, with the intention to sell them for a profit soon after. This can be a short-term cash investment but it does not come without risks. However, it comes in handy with undervalued assets which do not require ample fixing or renovating. Otherwise, your profit margins could be compromised, if you are stuck with the property in a bad market and cannot resell it.

4 Commercial Real Estate Investing

Retail space and offices will always be in demand in UAE, as more investors come to these shores to open their own businesses. If you can afford to buy commercial properties, you can benefit from leasing the space to other companies who tend to remain longer in one location as opposed to individual tenants.

5 Off-plan resells

Part of the six strategies for successful real estate investing is the off-plan resells. This strategy is very common with investors in Dubai. Buying property under construction and selling it for a higher price once the project is completed means more money in investors’ wallets. Furthermore, off-plan buyers only pay a 10% deposit upfront. This is a good platform for starting with small capital. Later, you enjoy the benefits when the market price increases and the property is ready for resale.

6 Real Estate Investment Trusts

This model does not involve any hands-on management, since it takes place on an online platform. Buying into REIT allows investors to buy into a liquid real estate portfolio through shares. The investment trust then distributes the profits to all shareholders. You do not have to fully buy or manage any of the properties, since you will buy and sell the shares on an open market. REIT is a group of companies that own and manage real estate assets. Investing in shares allows you to make a profit based on the performance of these assets.





Buying off-plan property in Dubai

Buying off-plan property in Dubai: The pros and cons.

The real estate market is offering a wide variety of investment options and attractive payment plans. The current market serves as an ideal platform for real estate investments.

Similarly, homeowners can choose between commercial, residential, ready property, or off-plan projects. However, you will need to document yourself on all aspects regarding your next property purchase, to make sure you reach an informed decision. Your investment objectives have to be aligned with your financial circumstances and long-term plans. Secondly, it is wise to plan carefully around current market knowledge and seek professional advice from qualified brokers and financial advisers.

What is off-plan property?

If you choose to invest in off-plan property, you need to first have a clear understanding of what off-plan means, terms, conditions, and benefits associated with this investment. As the name indicates, off-plan properties are pre-construction properties that are not completely built and handed over. Therefore, they are not ready for occupancy. Investors who usually purchase off-plan do so with a clear intention to resell or lease out the property, once it is completed. Off-plan properties are available to purchase during the construction phase, or before completion. Furthermore, prospects are keen on such investments, especially if they want to secure a future property in a high-demand area. Similarly, capital gains resulting from the purchase are also attracting investors to off-plan. Buying with discounts and selling at the height of the market is any investors’ dream.

Why Choose an off-plan Property Investment?

The “buy now & pay later” off-plan game can be a very attractive incentive. Investing in a property before completion time increases chances for long-term value growth. Also, purchasing off-plan might increase prices for other surrounding properties, which will ultimately benefit the investor. If you decide to build up your investment portfolio with off-plan property, you can count on the reliability of these assets to deliver on their value.

Normally, the buyer has to pay around 10% or 20% deposit out of the total property value. Subsequently, they need to sign a Sales Purchase Agreement.

Buying off-plan property in Dubai: Advantages

As a real estate off-plan buyer, you will benefit from the flexibility and potential of your investment on many levels. For example, you will have first choice to select your favorite, brand-new unit, as opposed to ready property. Developers offer many perks for off-plan property buyers. For instance, the freedom to select your favored layout or a furniture package included with the property. Furthermore, you will buy below market value, as the unit is under construction. Another benefit is the attractive payment plan that the banks offer for the purchase of off-plan. Some developers waive off DLD charges or offer substantial discounts for service charges. It all adds up to help you save more, in the long run. Buying off-plan guarantees you a brand-new build that will bring good ROI upon completion.


Before you sit down to sign the sales and purchase agreement, you have to take your time and read over the contract with eyes wide open and sharp clarity around all clauses. Signing this agreement is an indication that all parties have reached a consensus and are finalizing all terms and conditions. The SPA should clearly state all the amenities and services that are included with the purchase. Furthermore, the developer cannot make any changes to same or remove any amenities from the SPA.

Be very clear on size, area, and furniture included if you do decide to go for a furniture package deal. More importantly, if you buy a villa or townhouse, make sure to understand the distance between to rows separating the properties. Also, balcony or terrace size can sometimes turn out to be smaller in reality than on the actual floor plan.

Important clauses

The SPA should state a clear date for completion of the property and a clear date for handover. The two should not be mixed over or allow room for any confusion. Project completion does not mean you will be handed over keys to your property. Therefore, the handover date is when the developer has to transfer everything relating to your property to you. These are two separate scenarios. Additionally, a SPA agreement should make it clear that the buyer is liable to start paying service charges only upon receiving the keys, and not a day sooner. The timeframe between the completion date and handover date should be clearly visible while you read through the SPA.

Similarly, the developer will incur penalties for delays and for not delivering the project on time. The penalty clause should also be clear to all parties and included in the agreement. Above all, the most important SPA clause should state that the developer is never at liberty to change the terms of the agreement if and when you decide to sell your property.

Buying off-plan property in Dubai: Disadvantages

As with any investment, you might have to face certain disadvantages associated with purchasing off-plan. The most common inconvenience is that the project can experience delays for various reasons. This is not unusual in the construction field. Moreso, in some cases, the project will even be canceled. So where does all that leave you, as a buyer? Therefore, it is crucial to research the developer’s credentials and reliability, before deciding to buy. Do they usually deliver projects on time, how is their track record? How will they handle delays and how will they compensate you, if need be?

RERA has strong regulations to support losses for off-plan buyers. In order to protect your finances, legislation requires developers to deposit the payments from the buyers into an escrow account. Developers will only access funds in the escrow account once the project reaches near completion stage.

Ultimately, it is a waiting game for the profits. You will have to wait for the completion of the property before you even contemplate a return on investment.





Dubai properties for under AED 1 million

Dubai properties for under AED 1 million  – an area guide for affordable investments.

If you had one million Dirhams to spare, would you invest it in a villa or apartment in Dubai? One might think there are not many options to buy residential properties under 1 million. However, you will be surprised at how many top villa communities offer properties under 1 million in Dubai, in the current market. So, if you consider becoming a homeowner or wish to invest for profit, the mid-market segment will offer a variety of affordable properties across the city. Gated communities cater to all needs and preferences. So, your next 1 million Dirhams investment could turn out to be the best decision for your wallet.

This is the ideal time to buy, as property prices are still relatively low. However, there is a strong expectation for property prices to increase, as Dubai recovers from the pandemic and hosts the Expo 2020 event on 1st October.

Dubai properties for under 1 million: Apartments

Business Bay 15th Northside

Lifestyle at 15 Northside will be worth more than a million for sure. The new residential project has ample views over the Downtown area and highlights the greatness and convenience of waterfront living.

For under 1 million Dirhams, you are sure to get top-class comfort and enjoy the best amenities. 15 Northside rises beautifully over Dubai Water Canal, boasting the finest views and best living spaces. Furthermore, you will have direct access to the Canal boardwalk with a long string of Cafes and restaurants. If you wish to chill in the infinity pool overlooking Burj Khalifa, then this building is something to consider.  For AED 930,000 can buy you a one-bedroom flat, stretching over 595 sq. ft. with contemporary features and a convenient layout.

Downtown District

Our next nominated property for under 1 million dirhams takes us Downtown. Firstly, Downtown is “the center of now”, one of the most famous areas in Dubai. Secondly, Downtown brings you at the heart of what Dubai has to offer. From a business and tourist hub to leisure and best shopping experiences, Downtown attracts families, investors, and professionals. That is why they all seek investment opportunities in this area.

Damac Maison Prive

Damac Maison Prive is a twin-building hotel with serviced apartments. Directly overlooking the Dubai Water Canal and skyline, Prive is right at the center of all action, a few minutes away from Dubai Fountains and Marasi Marina. The twin towers offer a collection of studios along with one- and two-bedroom apartments. Similarly, residents will benefit from personalized services, including 24-hour valet, security, and maintenance on-site.

For AED 650,000, you can buy a fully furnished studio covering up to 400 sq. ft.

Jumeirah Village Circle

The freehold master development by Nakheel promises to be the “new heart of Dubai”, due to its ideal location along Sheikh Zayed Road. The community is quiet and safe, with a cozy ambiance. Furthermore, it is pet-friendly and combines a great collection of villas, townhouses, and apartments. Attracting many families and professionals, JVC enjoys a family-centric vibe with great city connectivity and leisure amenities. Some include tennis courts, parks, football pitch, and community center.

Laya Residence

Laya Residence is a new building at the heart of JVC, comprising five storeys and a collection of one-to-three-bedroom units. The 164 apartments show attention to detail in design and layout, with overall quality finishings. The amenities at Laya Residence exude comfort and convenience, making you feel right at home. Moreso, the homes feature fitted kitchens with modern appliances, en suite bedrooms, and balconies. Furthermore, the building enjoys a shared pool, spa, gym, and ample parking. Also, pet lovers are free to bring their furry friends along.

Prices start at AED 550,000 for a one-bedroom measuring 852 sq. ft. For two bedrooms expect to pay up to AED 900,000.

Jumeirah Lakes Towers

We could simply not conclude our search for apartments under one million dirhams without including Jumeirah Lakes Towers.

The community is home to beautiful man-made lakes, a 55,000-meter park, and 26 building clusters. Similarly, each cluster is home to three buildings and offers a waterfront promenade, restaurants, and retail venues. The community is hosting a large number of supermarkets, restaurants, beauty salons, and nightlife venues.

JLT: Top affordable area

JLT is at the top of affordable areas to buy property in Dubai. Moreso, you have a choice of different layouts in a configuration of one to four bedrooms flats and studios.

The price for a studio starts at AED 670,000 and the property covers around 450 sq. ft. In addition, you can buy studios in Concorde Tower, Cluster H, and New Dubai Gate in Cluster A.

One-bedroom apartments start at AED 800,000 and cover up to 800 sq. ft. The best options to buy a one-bedroom unit are in Laguna Tower, Lakeside Residence, and MBL Residences.

Dubai properties for under 1 million Townhouses

Akoya Oxygen

Akoya Oxygen is the most popular community to offer such property affordability, under Damac quality stamp.

Properties here are resting amongst lush green surroundings and a golf course, at the heart of a tranquil community. Akoya stretches along Jebel Ali and Al Qudra road, neighboring other popular communities such as Mudon or Reem.

Akoya promotes living in harmony with nature, utilizing energy proficient systems in alignment with eco-friendly guidelines. Additionally, properties here come with one-to-six-bedroom layouts, a backyard, and private parking. One-bedroom townhouse covers up to 744 sq. ft. and the selling price starts at AED 550,000.

Dubai South

Dubai South is hosting the world’s largest airport, Al Maktoum International Airport, and is the new home location for Expo 2020. Furthermore, it is a free zone area, a city within a city, spanning over 145 square meters. The urban lifestyle and the integrated ecosystem make it a hugely popular destination.

A city within a city

Dubai South contains eight different districts including Exhibition District, the Expo 2020 site, and the Residential District.

The modern townhouses at Dubai South boast lovely views over the 18-hole championship golf course. Above all, the properties offer luxury living standards at affordable prices. Dubai South offers all residents high-class amenities which they can reach within a ten-minute walk.

The metropolitan development is fully integrated. The sustainable environment is ready to accommodate over one million residents. Furthermore, if you want to be one of the million residents living in Dubai South, invest now for as little as AED 380,000. A one-bedroom apartment spanning 512 sq. ft, at MAG 5 will cost under AED 400, 000. Additionally, a two-bedroom flat will cost around AED 800,000 for 1,242 sq. ft.

Dubai properties for under 1 million: Dubailand

Dubailand could almost translate as the “Disneyland of the Middle East”. It is the world’s largest entertainment destination for themed parks, hotels, and polo clubs. Furthermore, it divides into many districts with a wide range of residential and commercial properties. An impressive collection of villas, townhouses, and apartments spread over three billion sq. ft in Dubailand. More importantly, when it comes to buying a villa under 1 million dirhams, the massive district tops the chart. Rukan, Flora, Al Waha, and Living legends are some of the sub-communities offering villas under 1 million dirhams.


How to sell your property in Dubai

How to sell your property in Dubai? Before advertising your property for sale, document yourself on where to begin, how to proceed, and what the whole process involves. Thus, the selling process will not seem so daunting. With the proper knowledge and resources, you can secure a smooth completion and best price outcome for your sale. Whether is your first time selling, or whether is your family home or investment property you sell, the guidelines we list in this blog will assist you on how to navigate the entire experience successfully.

After all, the ultimate goal is to sell it right and sell it fast.

Pick a reliable agency – Off Plan Finder Dubai

The right agency and the right real estate agent are crucial steps towards completing a successful property sale. The most important aspect is to check their background, credentials, and longevity on the market. Secondly, the real estate company must have a valid ORN from the Dubai Land Department. Ultimately, the agent you nominate must have a valid RERA certificate from Dubai Land Department and must specialize in the area of your property location.

Off Plan Finder Dubai take pride in an extensive network of local and international connections, which enables us to reach buyers worldwide. If you are selling your property in Dubai, our team of professionals will ensure accurate marketing price is set for your property while negotiating the best outcome between the buyer and yourself. The key to any successful sale is based on two criteria – accurate pricing complemented by an effective marketing strategy. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on the large number of repeat clients who are referral customers.

List your property exclusively

Before you decide on an open listing or exclusive listing of your home, make sure you have a proper market appraisal carried out by one of the experts in the industry.

An agent specialized in your area will be able to give you an accurate indication and understanding of your home’s true value. They will use educated judgment based on local market expertise since they live and breathe real estate figures and practices. Proper pricing is important to ensure maximum selling potential for your property. After all, the whole purpose behind listing your property is to get maximum exposure. Once you realize how important it is to find the right agent, you will also realize the importance of exclusively listing your property with one agent.

An Exclusive listing places a lot more accountability on the agent who will allocate more time and effort in sourcing potential buyers. It also promotes trust and loyalty between yourself and the broker. Exclusivity with your listing will also narrow down the negotiation process and bogus offers or time wasters. Furthermore, the agent will be 100% motivated to push with all available resources and marketing strategies in order to sell successfully.

Sell your property in Dubai – Relevant forms and documents

Your agents should clearly inform you about any relevant fees and documents associated with selling your property.

Form A will be prepared between yourself and the agent, stating a mutual agreement to have the agent acting on your behalf to find a buyer for your property. Furthermore, the form states the manner in which both parties agree to advertise the property and which portals. Similarly, it should include a comprehensive list of information about the home and mortgage details where applicable. The seller must provide a copy of the Title deed or Oqood in the case of off-plan property. Additionally, a copy of passport and Emirates ID will also be required for Form A.

Proper marketing

How to sell your property in Dubai if not with proper marketing?

Before advertising, it is important to have your home look as presentable and attractive as possible. Home improvements are necessary to enhance the look and ambiance of your home before it goes on sale. If the budget allows, you can hire the services of a good interior designer. They can assist greatly and suggest a fresh new look with furniture replacement or redecorating. For sure, any upgrades will stir up more buyers’ interest and fetch a better price. A flowless looking garden or nicely decorated terrace can make all the difference before viewings. Next, make sure your broker or real estate agency uses the latest marketing strategies to present your home in the best possible light.

Off Plan Finder Dubai provides free property evaluation based on current prices and the latest sale trends in the area. We provide professional Photography and 360-degree videos highlighting the property. Off Plan Finder will advertise your property across print media, online property portals, and social media platforms to maximize exposure and line up potential buyers. Our marketing tools include digital marketing, PPC campaigns, Google ads, third-party portals, and overseas websites.

Found a buyer?

Then, it is time to sign the Memorandum of Understanding, which is the purchase agreement. Both seller and buyer will sign this form, also known as Form F. It is one of the most important RERA documents in real estate transactions. It stipulates the price and financial status of the property, as well as the commission value for the seller’s agent and buyer’s agent. Both seller and buyer will sign the form with the agent present as a witness.  At this stage, the buyer must prepare to make a down payment, as part of his commitment to purchase the property. Similarly, if there is a mortgage on the property, the seller must obtain a liability letter from the bank and settle the loan.

Next, the seller will have to apply for a NOC – No Objection Certificate, from the Developer. This is necessary in order to prove that there are no outstanding service charges due, for the property. Recently, DLD has increased the digitalization of services. So, homeowners or investors looking to sell can do so online. The Dubai REST mobile application allows users to obtain the NOC electronically, with one click, instead of having to apply through the developers’ office. The cost varies from AED 1000 to AED 5000 and takes around five working days to issue.

How to sell your property in Dubai – Transfer Ownership

At last, you are ready to part with your property and is time to visit the Dubai Land Department to transfer ownership to the buyer and issue a new title deed in their name. Seller, buyer, and agent will have to be present for this procedure. But before you all shake hands, the buyer has to clear all outstanding payments for the property, and the seller has to pay transfer fees to Dubai Land Department.

Guide on moving to Dubai 

Guide on moving to Dubai, the step-by-step and how to make the best of it.

No one can escape the charm and allure of Dubai.  Those who visit, always return for more and settle long-term in the city. Those who have never been to Dubai, dream of taking the journey at the first opportunity. Dubai is unlike any other metropolis in the world. It is a place of contrast, an energetic city, fascinating and safe, above all. The city holds exceptional potential to become number one for living standards and happy life. UAE is hosting over 200 nationalities living and working in the country. They all enjoy life to the fullest in spite of the busy and very hectic everyday routine.

So, if you contemplate relocating to Dubai, bear in mind that it is a very fast-paced city and you will not escape the everyday hustle and bustle. However, Dubai is the destination choice for millions, the city of the future. The diversity of lifestyles, the tax-free salaries, and exotic places are plenty of reasons to attract many. Dubai is multi-faceted and has plenty to offer to people from all walks of life.

Are you ready?

Start your research

Facing such a major life decision as relocating, requires preparation and proper research. It is important to understand where and how you fit it, family, pets, and all. UAE is home to over 9 million residents and is more ethnically diverse than ever before. Statistics show that 69% of the population are males and only 31% females.

Dubai is home to the largest number of inhabitants, at 3.42 million. It is important you read about the many cultures living here and the ways of life. Climate, rules, laws, and cost of living. If the means allow, take a week off before you permanently move to Dubai, and visit the city, explore and learn what to expect. Prepare to meet people from all over the world, interact with different cultures and religions, habits and beliefs. Furthermore, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that English is widely spoken and services everywhere are impeccable. However, the cost of living is expensive and during the summer months, you will struggle to endure the burning heat and humidity.

Getting visa

UAE does not offer permanent residency or citizenship. However, expats can reside long term within UAE providing they renew their residency visas every two years. For most expats, the visa will be issued based on long-term employment, business ownership, or family sponsorship. Some highly talented and skilled residents can also qualify for a ten-year Golden Visa. For example, bright students, outstanding doctors, or researchers can all apply for the Golden Visa which will be renewed automatically after 10 years. Many nations will get a 30-day visa on arrival at the airport or land border, which is free of charge.

The most popular visa type is the work visa for which your employer is obliged to pay and offer full sponsorship, taking care of all formalities, including health insurance cover for you. Other visas for relocating to Dubai are student visas, investor visas, or dependent visas. In the latter case, your sponsor needs to earn at least $1000 dollars, for you to qualify for a dependent visa.

International moving company

It may be a small suitcase for some people, but others need to pack their whole life, family, and pets altogether when relocating.  Once you find the right shipping provider, you can let them do all the heavy lifting while you focus on other matters regarding your move. Before you choose moving services, make sure the company has an office branch in Dubai and reliable representatives. Check their credentials or simply choose the best quality mark: For example, the International Association of Movers represents thousands of companies in over 170 countries.  Other companies to consider are Aires and Agility.

These companies are reliable and will take care of all the logistics. For instance, they will arrange all documents and insurance, arrange a warehouse for storage, unpack your belongings and dispose of debris. Price will depend on the set of services you choose. Furthermore, other criteria will also determine the cost. For instance, the further you travel in the distance, the more you will pay. The volume of cargo and choice of transport matter as well. Air transport is more expensive. An all-inclusive service charge can be as much as $10,000.


Dubai offers several types of accommodation. Once you arrive, you can check into a hotel until you finalize the details of your accommodation. You will not be able to rent a place long-term without a tenancy contract so you need to have a bank account and proof of employment. While such formalities take time, you can always consider renting a room on sharing accommodation basis. Monthly cost can reach up to $1000.

When you are ready to rent your own place, you will need to submit documents, prior to moving in. For example, a copy of passport, Emirates ID, tenancy contract, and ejari will be sufficient. However, some landlords or agencies might ask for two or three months’ rent in advance, to cover the security deposit. You must make sure to get it back once you decide to move out, even if it will not be in full amount.

Guide on moving to Dubai – Best Areas to live in

Depending on your personal circumstances and preferences, there are many attractive areas where you can settle in Dubai.

Best for families with kids and pets are Dubai Hills Estate and Arabian Ranches. Plenty of natural surroundings, parks, and golf courses attract many families here. Both communities offer outstanding facilities and have great schooling options and healthcare.

If you are a lover of outdoor activities and beach adventure, JBR is a great choice for you and kids who will enjoy all the aqua parks. Dubai Marina is the perfect spot for nightlife enthusiasts and single professionals. Trendy clubs, bars, restaurants, buzzing atmosphere all year round. Shopping addicts will surely settle down in the most popular district of Dubai – Downtown. Dubai Downtown has an irresistible charm and is highly favored by many expats. Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa place you at the center of everything with a spectacle of lights and glamour typical of Dubai hospitality. If you still find it hard to decide, get in touch with us. We will select from many excellent rental options for you.

Guide on moving to Dubai – Schooling options

Presuming you already made arrangements for yourself to find suitable employment, now is time to focus on the kids. UAE has a good education system and private schools usually run on a Western curriculum. Schooling fees vary greatly in Dubai, so make sure you do thorough research before you enroll the kids. Additionally, check via KHDA, the Dubai school regulator, for ratings and fees. However, on average, you can expect to pay around AED 30,000 yearly, per child.

Using Cryptocurrency to buy Real Estate in Dubai

Is using cryptocurrency to buy real estate in Dubai the real deal? Bitcoin is exploding all over the markets in 2021, and we say it in the most positive light.

Dubai has finally embraced cryptocurrency reality and is shifting to digital investments. Bitcoin is now fueling demand for real estate assets, attracting investors who are looking for a faster, safer way to transfer property deeds from one party to another.  Cryptocurrency real estate transactions are now possible in Dubai under the guidance of a licensed broker. Several developers are currently accepting Bitcoin payment if licensed brokers are managing the transaction process.

While it is still a new concept, the market is now fully able to conduct such transactions. The system fully integrates with bitcoin technology, delivering a simpler and faster experience for buying real estate. Until recently, it was unthinkable to buy a villa or apartment with digital currency. However today, it is turning many dreams into reality. The Chinese investors are one of the first to trade in cryptocurrency, and this is now evident in the Dubai real estate market. Digital managing of rental real estate, and even tenant-related matters are now part of the blockchain reality. The technology has a lot of potential and is here to stay.

What is cryptocurrency

Using cryptocurrency to buy real estate in Dubai requires ample initial research

Digital currency and blockchain technology can sound intimidating and raise a lot of doubts if you don’t understand the concept and are not familiar with all the particulars. However, to keep it simple, we will call it digital money and digital wallet. There are currently more than 5,000 digital currencies circulating, but many are most familiar with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin came on the market in 2009 and is still a strong performer for buying goods, stocks, and other services. Because the currency is fully digital and there is no physical bill, the owners store their cryptocurrency in a digital wallet and use it when they wish to buy or sell. Furthermore, all transactions take place via an online exchange platform. The electronic payment system obviously does not issue a standard receipt for the transactions, but rather cryptographic proof. The Bitcoin network stores all transactions which are available to the public and fully traceable. The blockchain program records and verifies all these transactions accordingly.

Additionally, the digital world of cryptocurrency is decentralized, not fully backed up by a central bank like the American dollar, for instance. Cryptocurrency has no central authority to regulate and manage its value. Therefore, its value will be maintained by the users themselves, on the blockchain.

Benefits of using Cryptocurrency to buy Real Estate in Dubai

Blockchain offers a whole new dimension for users of digital trade. It is simple, straightforward forward and above all, safe. Moreso, it eliminates bank charges, additional fees and saves a lot of time for shifting money abroad. Digital transactions take a few minutes to complete, unlike banks or lawyers who still apply lengthy protocol and bureaucracy. The blockchain system will soon remove the “middle man” from the transactions since it uses tokenization of real estate assets.

Many countries consider new legislation and implementing changes around tokenization of real estate assets, thus creating a user-friendly platform on the blockchain.

What is tokenization of assets?

The process refers to the division of a property into digital shares or digital assets on the blockchain. The digital assets can take the shape of any other real-world assets such as funds, revenue, or property. Once the assets are tokenized, multiple individuals can enjoy ownership fractionalization by division, and most importantly, in an equal manner. For instance, many couples or even companies invest in real estate together but often do not pay an equal share. Blockchain technology and tokenization are changing this reality into a fairer scenario where each of the investing parties can own the correct fraction of the property.

Due to equal ownership, blockchain brings broader access to global asset distribution and a larger number of investors.

Safe digital platform

Each and every cryptocurrency transaction is recorded on the blockchain and has to be verified by the system. The blockchain functions as a decentralized ledger for each transaction and is a public database available to all crypto users. However, users’ personal data and individual transaction information are secure thanks to cryptography. Furthermore, in order to prevent fraud, each transaction has a digital validation and is fully traceable via data accessibility.

It is next to impossible to hack bitcoin transactions due to blockchain technology, experts say. Taking over a network of computers running 24/7 involves a huge cost and breaching the security protocol is a highly complex operation. However, there is always a potential risk people associate with the use of digital currency.

Below, we look at some facts.

Potential Risks

As with most digital platforms, users always run the risk of network errors, inaccuracy, and technical glitches. So, if that is the case, how do you access your bitcoin records and digital wallet? Bitcoin is not a physical entity. It is not money. Furthermore, because it is not regulated or centralized by governmental bodies, it can never retain its value. Actually, it has no unique value, only that which is conferred to it by users. With the market being so volatile, so are cryptocurrencies. If the market fluctuates, it is very common for bitcoin to experience sudden drops in price. Cryptocurrencies can drop in value by the equivalent of thousands of dollars.

There are legitimate fears and doubts in using digital transactions, and it makes you wonder if your digital “bitcoin wallet” is ever safe? If traditional currencies ever drop flat, the central bank would immediately step in by means of holding palpable assets in order to facilitate recovery. In the case of Bitcoin, no such thing would ever happen.



A guide to property investment in Dubai

A guide to property investment in Dubai – List of benefits.

You might have read ample material about Dubai and UAE before you prepared your trip here. But how documented are you when it comes to Dubai’s huge potential for investment? Have you considered buying property in Dubai? Are you aware of what the process entails? Below we take a look at facts, numbers, relevant information to guide you through your next investment in Dubai. There is no better time than now, to take full advantage of the current market. Property is in high demand in Dubai. Moreso, the luxury residential segment is experiencing a real surge this year, days before the Expo 2020 event kicks off.

That is why it is safe to say that the property market plays a major role in the country’s recovery, post-pandemic. Dubai alone attracts around 15 million visitors each year. During Expo 2020, the city is expecting a staggering 25 million visitors to reach its shores. Therefore, Dubai is a top city for visitor spending, with an index mark of $30.8 billion for spending, and “fair value” for affordability.

So, if you are looking to capitalize on low prices for real estate, and avail of the most flexible payment plans, read on.

Why Invest in Dubai

Dubai is growing in the right direction.  A series of government initiatives and regulatory procedures have promoted real estate into a very dynamic sector.

Being one of the most lucrative locations in the world for investment, Dubai has a lot to offer:

  • Safety and security
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Tax-free, stable economy
  • Capital appreciation and strong yields of up to 7% gross rental return
  • High-quality lifestyle for all nationalities
  • 100% repatriation of off-shore earnings and profit
  • 100% foreign business ownership 
  • Attractive payment plan for first-time buyers
  • Significant projects and developments from major developers
  • No annual property taxes
  • Expo 2020

A guide to property investment in Dubai – The list of benefits continues. To that, we can add the increase in population, which leads to more housing demand and a stable, mature market. Also, an excellent infrastructure, world-class education, and healthcare place Dubai at the top of the best places to invest.

Strong Market Recovery

Dubai holds no property tax or capital gains tax, so owners only ever pay one transaction fee after purchase, and no other additional taxes in the future. Most homeowners benefit from a ten-year visa post investing in property, and solid financial security. This is due to a stable currency, good interest rates, and flexible payment plans. A stable high-quality supply of homes guarantees high rental returns for buy-to-let investors. Mix developments of villas and apartments in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Jumeirah Village Circle, or Downtown Dubai promote higher rental income. Also, they are the best investment for a stable monthly income.

Furthermore, 2021 has witnessed record sales for Dubai real estate, consisting of exclusive, premium properties.  The market is making a strong come back across all segments – off-plan, residential and rental.

Fast sales for new launches from major developers are happening at Emaar Beachfront, Dubai Hills Estate, or Arabian Ranches 3. An impressive inventory of excellent off-plan properties takes center stage on the market, offering modern beach apartments and sophisticated villas next to championship golf course.

Dubai post-Covid 19

The property sector post-Covid 19 is showing a revival this year, making a steady come back. After the big pandemic blow which spread all across the Middle East last year, Dubai is counting down to Expo 2020. The big event will start on 1st of October and will definitely boost the real estate sector furthermore into recovery. The property sector represents a big junk of Dubai’s economic growth, at almost 40%.

With that in mind, the current outlook favors first-time investors who are prepared to pay in cash or take a favorable mortgage with low-interest rates. Similarly, funding availability, discount in service charges, and the stabilizing of the job market are additional factors that attract investors. Safe to say, Dubai is very much a buyer’s market at the moment.

Strong Governmental Support

The government is continuing with strong initiatives and is implementing a huge stimulus package to support and revive the economy post-Covid 19 crisis. UAE is currently conducting a massive vaccination campaign which has seen over 85% of the population taking the vaccine successfully. Furthermore, online property transfers from DLD – Dubai Land Department are easing off the process for property purchase. Further helpful measures include the retirement visa programme and the new agreement with Israel, opening doors to a whole new level of investors and partnerships.

Things to consider before investing

A guide to property investment in Dubai: It is wise to do a bit of homework before you consider putting your money into anything. Launch your search online, talk to financial advisors, start networking and get your facts right. Careful planning and a good understanding of what the process entails will give you a very clear picture of your next investment. Above all, make sure you rely on rational analysis to reach your decision and communicate with a property expert clearly about your criteria and budget.  For instance, smart buyers will identify a gap in the market supply for specific assets, such as villas in prime locations. That is where they will consider investing

Examples of factors to consider with your decision-making process are location, market conditions, and project quality. Similarly, make sure to inform yourself of community highlights and amenities available in the neighborhood, such as schools, transport links, or healthcare centers.

Choose a Good Real Estate Agency for Property Investment in Dubai

Now is the time to talk to a reliable property expert and put your trust in professionals to represent you in any property transactions. Look for a company that breaths expertise and exhibits market knowledge. Look for a company with longevity in the industry and proof of good relationships with major developers and other stakeholders. Furthermore, find out whether the company holds any awards or tangible recognition in real estate. It speaks for itself where value is concerned.

Off Plan Finder

Our company, Off Plan Finder ticks all the boxes and meets the criteria mentioned above. Our team is dedicated to providing a level of service and expertise second to none. The team operates with integrity and transparency to create a meaningful impact, giving back to the community and our members, through a “one team” approach. We do not follow the industry, we lead it. We are uncompromising in our endeavors to give BEST service and obtain BEST results.

As we all push through the pandemic with a unified vision, we are certain our dedication will sustain and further the demand for high-quality properties in Dubai.

Let’s talk. Visit our office for free impartial advice on all aspects relating to Dubai property investments.


10 Qualities of a Real Estate Agent

10 Qualities of a real estate agent nominates the most essential traits that define a top performer.

The real estate market can be a tough game and will always place agents in high competition. A real estate agent must build up to being a top performer, in order to survive in the industry. When choosing an agent to represent you, make sure you look at a few key factors to gauge their potential and assess their qualities.

It is all about people

A good real estate agent knows that is not just about the property, it is mostly about people. With that understanding, they will act with support and impartial advice towards achieving the best possible outcome. Furthermore, while you interact with an agent, trust the vibes you get. Energy never lies. They should be presentable and comfortable talking to people from all walks of life. Also, they should be good listeners, listening with a view to understanding, not just to hear and agree.

Ultimately, a strong sales record and good referrals are positive signs. If that is the case, your agent is likely to do a great job representing you and your interests.

Drive to succeed

An agent’s main drive should be their passion for the industry and the desire to win a deal. Moreso, they should serve people and observe the highest standards of professionalism. Having a strong drive and passion from within are innate attributes that are palpable upon interacting with an individual. Similarly, if an agent is driven to win, by default they will possess other qualities as well. Personal drive is the foundation on which you build yourself for success. In the real estate game, you must have the determination to succeed at all costs. It takes consistency, being relentless, and even aggressive to ensure a win-win situation.

Negotiation Skills

The art of negotiation is a skill you can cultivate and develop on a daily basis. If you have ample exposure to the property market, you can exercise and expand your negotiation skills with each experience and each client you come upon. They say that successfully negotiating your commission is a great talent, as it does not come easy. Therefore, if you are able to do that, you are able to negotiate on all other matters. Improving your negotiation skills means you are well able to recognize the value in a transaction and push towards closing a deal.

Strong Communication Skills

Communication is everything. Building a rapport is a good start and further paving the way to finalize a good deal. It is essential to communicate clearly and transparently from day one. An agent should be resourceful and honest about current market reality. Be willing to keep clients well informed. Maintaining eye contact and willingness to listen proactively are also signs of a good communicator. Finally, ask questions. It shows genuine interest. Communicate with honesty and transparency.  People can feel this kind of energy.


 If you are looking to build trust and maintain long-lasting relationships with your clients and connections, then operate with integrity. The best agents who remain in the game long term are those individuals who value integrity and exhibit integrity. Maintain good morals and commitment to offer the best service, and it will attract you great referrals. Do what is right following ethical standards and you will attract trustworthiness. Furthermore, integrity goes hand in hand with trust. One implies the other. Integrity means impeccable professional conduct and putting clients’ needs first while remaining completely honest with them.


The real estate market is ever-changing, presenting various unexpected trends and situations. A good agent will always keep clients in the loop about any changes and keep himself ahead of the game. Complex situations and transactions require innovative thinking and deep knowledge of the market variables. For instance, to effectively handle a complex deal, one needs to have knowledge of all aspects, the pros, and cons and how to tackle issues. Subsequently, this will improve client satisfaction and offer them a positive experience dealing with the agent.


Real Estate definitely requires strong networking skills. It really is all about connections, who you know, who knows you how to benefit from the interaction. Mingle in the right circles and forge quality conversations with high-profile individuals. Furthermore, attend relevant gatherings and events that will benefit you in the long run. Similarly, it is also important to keep in touch and follow up with previous clients, to build lasting professional ties.  A sociable personality and pleasant presence will help greatly with your networking experience.

Problem Solving

A problem solver is someone who is prepared to hear a lot of problems and not be put off by complaints or very critical clients. Everyone on board will come with a problem. A good agent will find the solution. Solving problems in the property market can be tricky and requires a lot of diligence from a highly knowledgeable agent. Sometimes you need to resort to less conventional ways to solve a problem. Market knowledge, clear understanding of figures, good maths, and determination make a good problem solver out of an agent.

Professional Appearance

Dressing accordingly and maintaining proper grooming are vital attributes for a real estate agent. You might come up with the best pitching but if your appearance is lacking, the client will not buy it. Firstly, you are selling yourself, before any real estate assets. Secondly, if you don’t care how you dress, others will. Image is everything and says a lot about how people perceive you as a person and as a professional. Grooming is equally important. A clean, sharp smart look promotes credibility and commands respect.


When you ooze confidence, you are fully engaging in the present moment and devote 100% attention to your clients. Things are going your way and the energy is right. You know your own value and how to market that to your advantage, without appearing cocky. Confident agents take ownership in their words and actions while remaining comfortable and trusting the process. They know and believe they bring value to the table and are ready to back it all up with supporting arguments. Experience is what builds confidence and what will ultimately earn your success.

Good listening Skills

10 Qualities of a real estate agent Just listen. Is the most basic and primal way to connect to another human being and offer your attention. However, there is active listening and passive listening. When you actively listen, you actually hear what the other party is saying and you make a consistent effort to understand, engage and ask questions. Active listening is a strong tool for filtering information according to quality, rather than quantity. Hence, it will help an agent to better assist with clients’ needs and concerns. Above all, a satisfied client is the best business card that a real estate agent could ever have.


Dubai Best Camping Sites

Dubai best camping sites – Your next trip is here

Dubai’s best camping sites usually paint a very pretty picture. The city usually brings to mind a picture of luxury and opulence, seven-star hotels, shopping at Dubai Mall, and living in skyscrapers. However, the city reveals so much more beauty and appeal with natural surroundings that many would not expect from an 80% desert land.

Away from the glamour of Downtown and Burj Khalifa, you can explore the magical vastness of the desert. The stunning mountains, beaches, and azure waters of the Arabian Gulf are a sight of endless beauty. Therefore, it’s time to pack up and go explore Dubai and UAE on a different level.

Below we reveal the most popular, beautiful destinations for your next camping adventure. Desert camping around Dubai and across UAE will reveal some unique spots, secluded camping sites that will leave you in awe. Similarly, the highest mountain range in the eastern Arabian Peninsula and the endless coastal area reveals more beauty than you ever imagined. The feeling you get when you explore the wilderness while you are camping and sleeping under the stars is priceless. Furthermore, camping allows you to go trekking across the majestic mountains or barbecue under the sun, cross the rolling dunes and feel wide and free

What to pack?

Dubai best camping sites let you embark on a camping adventure like never before. However, before you set off and buy your tent, make sure you pack bare necessities for your journey. Some of the picturesque camping sites do offer some essential amenities. However, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it’s best to prepare in advance. Food and water are the main important on the list, to keep your energy levels up and stay hydrated. Apart from your tent and blankets, make sure to bring sleeping bags and warm clothing, as it can get quite cold overnight in the desert and the mountains. Invest in proper tent equipment, as it will serve you well, for sure. Similarly, you will need torches, a portable charger, good sunscreen, and an emergency kit, just to be on the safe side.

Ideally, you should always use a 4×4 vehicle for the journey. These cars are geared up for the desert dunes and mountain terrain. They will not let you down or see you stuck. However, if you are misfortunate enough to get stuck in the sand, call out for help and use available resources nearby. As a last resort, you must call recovery services to pull you out. Depending on your location, they arrive very fast and, they are fully equipped to recover the vehicle.

Last but not least, sunglasses, a hat, proper footwear, and a good camera to snap great images should also be part of your essentials.

Ideal months for camping in UAE are mid-October to May when the weather is not as hot as during summer.

The Great Outdoors

 Al Qudra Lakes

We picked Al Qudra Lakes as number one for many reasons. It is easy to reach, closest to Dubai residents, and one of the best places to relax and enjoy the splendid scenery. Al Qudra’s beautiful setting offers the desert landscape on one side while the other side is a conservation reserve for wildlife. The lakes are home to many wild species, so expect to enjoy the sight of flamingos and swans, and even camels, if you are lucky. So, make sure to bring a pair of binoculars. Lastly, if the mood calls for something more romantic, bring your loved one to the “Love Lakes”, for a romantic sunset.

Fossil Rock Sharjah

For a perfect dune bashing experience and buggy rides, you have to try Fossil Rock in Sharjah. It is one hour drive from Dubai and a most popular spot for camping lovers. Also, it completely takes you into another world, far from civilization. Perfect for off-roading, hiking, and larger groups seeking the adrenaline. Furthermore, the place is part of an archeological site, hence the name that aptly suits.


Hatta is 130 kilometers away from Dubai city center. This is another ideal weekend gateway for camping and hiking near the stunning Hajar mountains. The hiking trails stretch across 32 kilometers. Furthermore, Hatta Water Dam enjoys so many visitors who take to kayaking or paddling across the lakes and further check into the fancy Sedr Trailers. This is the first trailer hotel where you can camp and get the luxury treatment associated with five-star hotels. For some AED 300 a night, you can camp in luxury and have your own terrace and lounge to unwind in.


You will never encounter the mirage of the desert the same way Liwa reveals it. The most impressive sunsets and sunrises await here. You are in the middle of complete seclusion, away from the noise of the world. For true desert lovers and off-road safari professional drivers, this is the ultimate adventure. Here you can truly savor the raw beauty of the desert. Liwa is the most beautiful desert, not only in Abu Dhabi but in the whole world. However, the only way to cross it is by 4×4. Also, make sure you keep a compass and a tank full of petrol at all times.

Dubai Best Camping Sites by the beach

Banana Beach

The Jebel Ali beach resort is a favorite spot for beach lovers who like to camp by water and enjoy great sunrises. There are 47 camping tents available for rent. Staff is on-site to provide further assistance or chairs and pillows if you need. The cost per night is around AED 350. There are also water sports available, for an additional cost.

Al Dhafra Beach

One of the best beaches in Abu Dhabi, Al Dharfa lets you camp by the sea and enjoy water sports such as diving and snorkeling. Furthermore, the place perfectly combines beach and desert all in one, making it a great spot for the entire family.

Snoopy Island

Snoopy Island is a tiny rock island along the Fujairah coastline, ideal for families with kids. This beach campsite offers idyllic views of the Indian Ocean and the Hajar Mountains. Take the kids along for a boat trip and go snorkeling through the crystal clear waters, admiring colorful marine life.





Dubai Market post Covid

Dubai Market post-Covid 19 is a blog aiming to look at the impact of Covid 19 on Dubai’s real estate market and forecast for the industry in 2021/2022.

Generally speaking, around 90% of Dubai’s population is transitional. Trends indicate repeated cycles of people coming and going, as per circumstances. Therefore, the real estate market in Dubai is not easy to measure or estimate. It is ever-changing and evolving. However, everyone living and breathing today knows that when Covid came, the market was hit hard. The pandemic was such a huge financial blow at a global level. Expo 2020 was postponed and Companies all over the world started slashing jobs amid a very unstable economic climate. The world was in total lockdown and travel was suspended. Therefore, international investors stopped arriving in Dubai. Local buyers and end-users stopped buying due to fear of uncertainty. Many expats returned to their home countries leaving the rental market in dismay.

At the lowest margins of 2020, the Dubai property market lost up to 40% of its value. However, the slow recovery to pre-pandemic levels ironically started the same year. The recovery is ongoing and the real estate market is gathering momentum as we sail into 2022.

UAE’s outstanding measures against Covid 19

Dubai Market post-Covid 19 would never recover without UAE’s outstanding contribution. The progressive measures that the government is taking during pandemic times are cementing UAE’s reputation as a global leader.  Due to solid governmental assistance across all industry sectors, real estate is rapidly bouncing back at full speed. UAE’s resilience in the face of adversity shows how quickly the nation is able to adapt to new market reality and make the best of crisis. The smart solutions adopted by the Government show how UAE is a model of stability and resilience in the face of adversity.

UAE leaders had to enforce firm initiatives to tackle the impact of the pandemic. For instance, The National Disinfection Programme took over the country in an attempt to contain the virus spread. Furthermore, the economic stimulus worth AED 256 billion was a groundbreaking initiative to salvage and stabilize the economy.

While much of the world was watching the stillness of life from behind their window curtains, UAE remained open to tourists, lifting travel restrictions in July 2020. The huge surge in the number of tourists also signaled the revival of the real estate game. Furthermore, UAE is leading by example, conducting the fastest vaccination campaign in the world. Over 80% of the population in the UAE is currently vaccinated. However, safety and sanitization measures continue to remain in place all over the country. Also, wearing a mask is still compulsory in UAE.

Looking forward with confidence

Dubai Market post-Covid 19 – Today, Dubai is business as usual for many residents, foreign investors, and nationals. They once again take to the market and show confidence in buying, as they see the prices stabilize. We see a clear increase in demand for golf course townhouses and family villas. Residents are now looking for bigger space, more privacy away from the city center because many are still working from home. Villa transactions are definitely at the top of the revenue. Similarly, high-end waterfront property is also reviving the property market, with a consistent jump in sales.

Despite the pandemic, the economy is open, offering very attractive incentives for buyers and investors. All-time low prices, flexible payment plans, and relaxed mortgage conditions are driving the market upwards with record sales.

Dubai Market post-Covid and Expo 2020

Dubai property market post-Covid 19 is looking much brighter. Borders are now open pretty much everywhere, people are getting vaccinated and Expo 2020 is just around the corner. The real estate market will definitely see a surge in demand when Expo 2020 kicks off. Dubai and Abu Dhabi remain favorite destinations, particularly for other GCC states. UAE promotes stability in the region, security for assets, and capital appreciation. Therefore, the country will see a sharp growth prior to and post Expo 2020.

UAE expects huge traffic of visitors and tourists to the country. Therefore, we will see a lot of foreign and domestic investors taking the market by storm. Similarly, the event will create ample jobs in various sectors, subsequently leading to more housing demand. Expo 2020 positions Dubai at the center of tourism, trade, and logistics, preparing to welcome over 25 million visitors to the event. Dubai’s real estate market is already attracting more foreign investment with the return of international home buyers.

Furthermore, UAE implemented more relaxed legislation around issuing long-term visa and granting citizenship to outstanding residents. For sure, these measures will further boost the market attracting a larger audience. Expo 2020 is appealing on many levels and is already generating a huge volume of property transactions. Cash payments, cash management and financing continue to dominate the real estate sector, speeding the recovery of the market in 2021.

There is a great sentiment of achievement and prosperity surrounding UAE, especially before the big 50-year anniversary this year, on 2nd December 2021. There is no greater way to enjoy the National Day and Golden Jubilee than looking back with pride and moving forward with success.

List your property as a Holiday Home

“List your property as a holiday home” dwells upon today’s reality behind short rentals in the Dubai market.

Many homeowners find themselves traveling for business on a regular basis, leaving an empty apartment behind. A great way to earn additional income is to list your property as a short rental holiday home.  UAE legislation stipulates that building management companies cannot prevent owners from converting their property into a holiday home. Unless your sale and purchase agreement indicates otherwise, you are at full liberty to make this decision.

However, if you decide to explore this opportunity, you must first obtain a license from DTCM – Dubai Tourism. Alternatively, the cheaper option is to use a holiday home management company in order to get licensed. So, once you get licensed you can start listing your property on platforms such as Airbnb or holiday homes. They usually charge a percentage fee of 15% or 17% but will take care of everything for you. For example, the holiday home company will advertise the property and cover all paperwork related to the leasing process. Moreso, they will handle check-in and check-out timings as well as cleaning after the guests. Basically, all the running costs including Dewa and service charges will be handled by the management company.

Costs and regulations

If you are the owner of a studio or one-to-four-bedroom property, you will be paying up to AED 1,200 licensing fee a year. You also need to renew the license each year. Before the owners get to fully enjoy the positive return on investment from the short rentals, they need to comply with all regulations

List your property as a holiday home – For instance, the property must come fully furnished with an available connection to the internet and DEWA. The owner needs to have full insurance on the property and be ready to clean and sanitize the premises after each guest. Additional costs might add up with maintenance fees, advertising fees, and guest amenities. Similarly, owners need to pay AED 15 a day for each guest during their stay. This represents the Tourism Dirham Fee, paid monthly to DTCM. However, the holiday home operator usually covers the Tourism fee. Furthermore, tenants cannot short let your property without your written consent. As an owner you must sign and submit a no-objection certificate to DTCM, allowing your tenant to short let.

DTCM provides a full list of items that your property needs to display, in order to comply with conditions for short rentals. For example, you need to furnish the property with quality items, provide a TV set, kettle and curtains.

If you deliver on your promises and observe the government regulations and high standards for short rentals, you will definitely reap the rewards.

Expo 2020 and short-term rentals

The short-term rental market will definitely see a surge in demand when Expo 2020 kicks off soon. UAE will attract a massive influx of visitors and tourists to the country.

Many short-term rental businesses are already expanding their operations to cater to the demand. They are acquiring a fresh portfolio of properties to cater to all needs and budgets. From luxury properties, high-end, or mid-market, Dubai has the supply to match the demand. The current market offers attractive opportunities to owners and businesses engaging in holiday rentals. With Expo 2020 bringing a huge number of visitors into the country, short-term occupancy will exceed any previous records. Expo 2020 positions Dubai as a global catalyst for tourism, trade, and logistics, ready to welcome over 25 million visitors to the event. Dubai’s short-term accommodation market will need to deliver the highest standards of services and facilities, to grow and advance its reputable reputation.

Travelers and tenants are looking to benefit from more value for money, privacy, more space, and resort living standards. Therefore, they veer towards holidays homes and more flexible leases.

List your property as a Holiday Home: Advantages / Disadvantages

Short-term lets generate high ROI, apparently even higher than long-term rentals. According to Anna Skigin, CEO and founder of Frank Porter, renting a property short-term over three years “gives a return of 20-40 percent higher than long-term” However, each area of Dubai will generate a different rate of return on investment. Additionally, holiday seasons such as Christmas or Eid are very good boosters for the short rental industry. Residents switching to monthly rentals for more flexibility also improved capitalizing on short-term rentals.

Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, and Palm Jumeirah fetch some of the highest prices for short-term rentals.

The average price for a studio or one-bedroom residence starts at AED 350, a night and up to AED 3,000 per night for a five-bedroom villa. Similarly, if you opt for monthly rental, expect to pay around AED 3500 for a furnished studio and AED 4,800 for one bedroom.

If there is a downside to the holiday homes, it has to be the additional cost for maintenance and repairs that the owners have to bear. However, the cost and damages could be minimized, especially where your personal belongings coming into the picture. Many fear renting out short-term because of damage to their personal items. Therefore, you need to consider having a storage unit, where you can safely deposit your belongings. Alternatively, you can reserve certain areas inside your home where you can lock away private stuff, for your peace of mind.

Virtual Property Tours

How are virtual tours reshaping your property search?

In a world that is becoming more digitalized each day, everything seems to be happening online. Apparently, so are potential buyers. They go home hunting via virtual tours, so choosing their property is now just a few clicks away.

Property virtual tours are becoming the latest form of marketing, promoting engagement with the company’s website and even building more trust around their services. Sitting in the comfort of your home while checking out 3D real estate viewings is easier and faster than going places. One-click on your phone or laptop and you are virtually inside your dream home. The evolution of virtual imaging makes it possible for all to avail of a whole new dimension within the real estate game. For instance, real estate 360 virtual tours, new apps, and innovative software are reshaping the future of the industry.

Virtual home tours allow for a more comprehensive picture of the respective property. However, it will never replace physical viewings and the palpable feel you get while being physically present on the premises.

The real estate industry mainly showcases three types of virtual tours. For example, the Panoramic Tour gives a full, 360 degrees view of the property. Furthermore, the Video Tour is also highly used, giving a full view of the area. Thirdly, the Interactive Floor Plan Tour is equally useful to give you a better understanding of the property’s setting and the floor plan.

Virtual Property Tours: Welcome to the Future

Statistics show a gradual increase in virtual tours usage across many brands and businesses, particularly real estate. Similarly, post-Covid 19, the industry is embracing the use of more digital solutions to boost the selling and buying of property. The pandemic has brought many changes to the way people live, work, and shop. During this time, fifty percent of the customers rely fully on virtual tours to help them make the right decision about their next investment. Therefore, virtual tours can boost a listing’s potential to a large extent. Virtual tours have millions of daily views worldwide, attracting more leads and customers. Furthermore, these customers will always check online property portals before they make up their minds to ask for actual viewing. It makes it so much easier to shortlist the property online. So, if you decide to include a virtual tour on your website, both parties involved will benefit greatly.

Firstly, the customer will save time and energy by narrowing down the listings they find most appealing. Subsequently, if the client gets a comprehensive experience online, it can save agents’ time by eliminating time waters and futile viewings. Digital property tours can be a decisive factor for the client. They will quickly get the feel of it and know whether to invest time to visit the property or not. Therefore, it is important for the agent and the real estate agency to use extensive digital technology while engaging with potential buyers.

How do I make a virtual tour of the property?

 The budget and the tools you use will greatly determine the actual quality of the end product. If you wish to produce great quality virtual tours, you will need the proper equipment. Real Estate photography and videography are the best tools at hand, utilizing the latest photography equipment. However, there are many other elements to consider if the budget is rather low. 360-degree video cameras are easily available on the market for around $200. Start by selecting the best views and angles, while making sure premises are clutter-free. Lighting is very important for a high-value virtual tour. So, make sure the property has sufficient natural light flowing in if you shoot indoors. Start the tour by shooting from the main entrance looking in. Remember to minimize the use of flash or eliminate altogether. It can make the objects appear distorted or add glare to shots. Furthermore, try to guide the viewers’ interest in each room, highlighting interesting details such as design or fixtures.

Shooting outdoors is equally important to highlight the surroundings. A beautifully landscaped garden or backyard can add quality and increase viewings. Buyers get excited with natural surroundings showcasing the area, the views around the property, and community amenities.

Ultimately, the virtual tour is much more than just showing what the property looks like. It is also about giving buyers attractive reasons as to why they should choose to live there.

Pros and Cons

In a virtual tour, everything appears quite glamorous but, it is ultimately the personal touch that matters more. Therefore, most people will always physically visit the property before finalizing the deal.

Similarly, there are many other details that a virtual tour will not reveal to the naked eye. For example, the quality of furniture and fixtures cannot appear as accurate online as they appear in reality. The same applies when you view the neighborhood virtually. You cannot get the real feel of the place unless you walk it. Similarly, you have to be physically present to fully grasp the natural light flow or proper ventilation of a home. Most importantly, whether you are a buyer or a seller, you will definitely want to meet the other party and interact with them face to face. Both parties should review terms and conditions, and thoroughly check all documents before signing the contract.

The virtual tour of a property is an important aspect of the whole home-buying process. However, it is only the initial step. Lastly, you can only feel you have reached home once you step in and assimilate the energy of the place.



Five ways to increase home value for sale

Increase your home value for sale? So many questions will pop into your head when you mentally prepare yourself to sell your home.

However, there are key factors that you need to consider when you tackle the topic of your home value and how to maximize that value before you sell. The most common questions that arise once you put the “For Sale” sign up sound familiar to most of us. Is it the right time? What is my place worth? Should I sell on my own or hire professional help? It is not easy to assess whether you’re ready to sell or not, but there are ways to establish if this is a good decision for you and your family or a good opportunity for your next investment. Therefore, having a detailed plan is crucial.

Below, we offer a few guidelines and insights into the process of selling your home and what is involved along the way.

Increase your home value for sale

How do I know if is the right time to sell?

Firstly, there is no such thing as a good or bad time to sell your home. The decision is very personal and what motivates the seller are various personal circumstances. However, it is important to understand how to market tendencies can work in your favor or vice versa. Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? Are homes selling quickly in your area? What price are the homes selling for and what are some of the local trends? These questions followed by a bit of research will help you determine if it is a good time to sell or wait further.

Judging by the current Dubai real estate statistics, the property market is as hot as ever. Therefore, it is an ideal time to sell. 2021 is so far proving to be a hot sellers’ market, despite Covid 19 impact and repercussions on everyone’s life. Furthermore, many tenants are converting into buyers due to very attractive payment plans and low interest rates. The market is showing signs of tremendous improvement and real demand which is an attractive factor for investors.

Because of the high demand, sellers have a real window to obtain a high, effective selling price for their home, at least for the near future. We surely hope the dynamic market trend will follow through in 2022, but one can never predict how soon we cycle back into a buyer’s market.

Increase your home value for sale

What’s my place worth?

Many say it is wise to get a market appraisal before you decide to sell. Getting a real professional insight into the value of your asset will help you make the right decision and positively impact your future financial wellbeing. It also offers an opportunity to fix any issues with the house before the sale.

While is important to know how much your place is worth, you also need to understand the difference between an appraisal and property valuation. For instance, the property valuation is conducted by a Certified Valuer and it involves a fee. On the other hand, an appraisal is conducted by a specialized real estate agent, who will have in-depth knowledge of your area and current market trends. An agent specialized in your area will be able to give you an accurate indication and understanding of your home’s true value. They will use educated judgment based on local market expertise since they live and breathe real estate figures and practices. And, since the real estate game changes constantly, a knowledgeable agent is quite versed in assessing your home value.

Moreso, many of the agents will be happy to oblige the task as a courtesy, without charging. The real estate agent will consider several aspects in evaluating your home, from location to property size and more.

Location, location, location!

The slogan “location, location, location” is still as authentic as ever in today’s market. Thus, it can greatly determine added value to your home. It is a highly important factor, as it looks at proximity to local attractions, amenities in the community, transport links for the area, and access to the public.

Furthermore, the agent will also consider the density of educational and healthcare facilities in the area near your home. Also, property size and structure quality, finishes, and fittings will be on the list, as part of the appraisal. Above all, if you avail of an agent’s authentic appraisal, it will also add credibility with potential buyers. They will see it as a genuine effort and transparency behind your decision to sell. Moreso, it will save buyers time and energy, before they decide to put a higher offer on the table. Last but not least, you need to realize that is not the appraisal that will fix the sale price. It is the market itself.

What is the market like, right now?

Dubai’s real estate market is bouncing back with a steady uptrend. Statistics show prices recovery of up to seven percent in 2021, comparing to November 2020. There is also a strong indication that overseas investors are top buyers of Dubai property.  According to reports published by Zawya.com, we are witnessing a staggering 170% increase in transactions from European buyers in Q1 and Q2 of 2021.

Realty Force Real Estate Brokers CEO, Mr. Riyaz Merchant, told Zawaya Projects that the Dubai property market has been steady and sustainable compared to previous cycles:

“This time, we are seeing a new transition with people coming from every part of Europe to settle here. When money is coming from Europe, it far exceeds the deployment that is coming from Southeast Asia, the Sub-continent, and the Middle East,” he said.

“Earlier, tourists and visitors saw Dubai as a shopping destination, but now it is seen as a residential destination, which shows the confidence that people have in the city.”

Mr. Riyaz Merchant also notes that the establishment of diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel attracted buyers from Israel showing interest in high-end apartments in Downtown Dubai. Increased buyer activity for properties over $ 2.7 million has been registered, investors originating from Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, and the UK. Luxury beachfront living is a crucial driving factor in attracting investors from Europe and Russia.

Furthermore, Dubai is currently one of the few places in the world to offer:

✔Safety and security

✔Excellent infrastructure

✔Tax-free, stable economy

✔Capital appreciation and strong yields

✔High-quality lifestyle for all nationalities

Therefore, the Real Estate industry in Dubai is making a strong market rebound across all segments – off-plan, residential and rental. Firstly, new launches from major developers are selling fast at Emaar Beachfront, Dubai Hills Estate, or Arabian Ranches 3. Secondly, apartments and villas purchases come with attractive payment plans for first-time buyers and investors. Thirdly, an impressive inventory of excellent properties takes center stage on the market. Modern beach apartments and sophisticated villas next to a championship golf course are great sellers,

Is it worth renovating to increase my property’s value?

They say there is always room for improvements, and the same applies to your home. Home improvements are necessary to enhance the look and ambiance of your home before it goes on sale. If the budget allows, you can hire the services of a good interior designer. They can assist greatly and suggest a fresh new look with furniture replacement or redecorating. For sure, any upgrades will stir up more buyers’ interest and fetch a better price.

However, if you feel you are up to the task and wish to do it yourself, you can find inspiration in many magazines and websites. Draw a plan, make a budget and keep it simple. Start with a fresh coat of paint, and use neutral clean colors. It will totally transform the feel of your home. Furthermore, upgrading fittings and finishes for the kitchen and bathroom will boost the appearance with a fresh, inviting look.

Most importantly, you only get one chance to make a first good impression. So make sure your home is spotless and shines inside out. This is the time to hire a cleaning service who can do the job for you and have your home sparkle. Clean homes sell faster.  Furthermore, consider a thorough declutter, to make sure your home appears brighter and larger. It will be more valuable and attractive to buyers.

Happy selling!

Five most popular communities in Dubai for Investors

Five most popular communities in Dubai for Investors is a comprehensive guide to your next investment. Whether you are looking for villa life, townhouse living, or waterfront luxury, Dubai offers a plethora of real estate investment options. Above all, the Emirate offers some of the most attractive rental yields globally, according to Savills consultancy in 2020. Investors’ interest in the property market has increased due to a number of factors. For instance, Dubai property is very cost-effective compared to other top markets across the world.  Furthermore, the city abounds with unique cosmopolitan projects and futuristic developments of residential communities. Also, the upcoming Expo 2020 is only adding to the long list of investment opportunities for buyers.

Dubai’s property market – A buyer’s market

The market is growing steadier and more resilient in spite of the pandemic, indicating an increase in transaction volumes in 2021. However, with so many options available, and a long list of freehold communities for investors, it is important to choose the right area. This is important because it can impact the ROI you expect the property to generate. Five most popular communities in Dubai for Investors explores five of the most popular communities that have seen a surge in transactions from investors. We hope the guidelines will assist you in making the best choice with your next property investment in Dubai.

Five most popular communities in Dubai for Investors

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai, “The Center of Now” is the ultimate hub for business and luxury in the city. Subsequently, it spreads across 500 acres and showcases some of the most luxurious futuristic apartments and penthouses. Being the most visited and most popular spot in Dubai, it brings a higher value for the property. The trendy neighborhood has a growing demand for the secondary market and is famous for generating a high return on investment on rental payments. Therefore, we picked Downtown Dubai as the ideal, number one option for your next investment.

Contemporary skyscrapers are a distinct feature of the area. Spacious layouts and high-end finishes dominate the theme of Downtown residences. Units boast great views and floor plans, large balconies, fitted kitchens, master bedrooms, and private parking.

Rental Trends

Popular buildings for rental options include The Residences, Boulevard Point and Opera Grand. For instance, Burj Al Najoom offers the best options for studios with balconies, ranging from 450 sq. ft. to 560 sq. ft. However, the famous Burj Khalifa ranks first for rental preference. It is highly in demand for two-bedroom rentals, with an estimated annual rent price of AED 160,000 to AED 190.000. For example, the luxurious flats cover up to 1,800 sq. ft. in the tallest building in the world. Residing at Burj Khalifa is a statement of luxury itself.

Annual rental yield varies according to property type. For instance, a studio is likely to fetch 5.9% ROI, a two-bedroom or four-bedroom flat 4.7 %. A five-bedroom apartment could generate a 4.1% ROI.

Madinat Jumeirah Living

Madinat Jumeirah Living is the ultimate prestige address for a new generation of investors and homebuyers. The exclusive freehold residential community offers splendid views of Burj Al Arab and is located right opposite the famous seven-star hotel. Community offers a range of elegant one-to-four-bedroom apartments, with contemporary design, premium finishes, and amazing views across the sea.

Furthermore, the buildings feature unmatched infrastructure and facilities, and will welcome you with a taste of “Old Souq”. For instance, Rahaal building has an impressive collection of 90 apartments offering a relaxed living ambiance. Also, homes offer direct beach access as well as basement and visitors’ parking.

Prices start at AED 1,300,000. Last but not least, the homes promise good capital appreciation potential and high ROI if leased as holiday homes.

Port De La Mer

Port De La Mer in Jumeirah delivers the most alluring waterfront residences along with majestic views of Jumeirah Beach and Dubai’s skyline.

The freehold master community is highly sought after and favored by investors for business opportunities. Furthermore, the great location highly contributes towards a safe, sustainable investment.  Foreign investors can purchase homes here at ease and with the most attractive payment plans. Choose from an exclusive selection of one to four-bedroom apartments within a most private high-class community. Similarly, the development will also feature three to five-bedroom townhouses and penthouses, covering an area of up to 5,000 sq. ft. The community blends minimalist and contemporary design, with clean lines, a monochromatic color palette. Similarly, the design merges with the crystal blue waters and blue skies landscape, building a strong relationship with the natural space.

Dubai’s pristine coastline at Port de La Mer welcomes you with azure open seas and beaches. Prices start at AED 1,300,000

Dubai Hills Estate

Emaar and Meraas are joining forces in launching one of the most extravagant projects spanning across a glorious golf course at Dubai Hills Estate. With impeccable aesthetics in the architectural design, Dubai Hill is on its way to becoming the favorite choice for investors and homeowners. The community is growing fast and is attracting a high volume of ex-pats, professionals, and large families looking to settle here. Furthermore, state-of-the-art amenities are an additional feature to attract audiences. Proximity to Downtown and to Dubai’s financial hub makes commenting easy and accessible for residents.

The community offers a haven of benefits. That is why investors find it so appealing. For example, villas come with a high level of comfort, views of nature, and ultimately high quality of living standards.

Selling Trends Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills Estate is definitely one of the five most popular communities in Dubai for Investors. Also, is one of the greatest locations to rent luxury villas. 2,000 villas and thousands of apartments populate the community and offer high living standards. Properties are available in one-to seven-bedroom configurations and even include residential plots.

Starting price for a three-bedroom villa is AED 1,900,000 and AED 1,500,000 for a two-bedroom apartment. A one-bedroom apartment in Dubai Hills can generate up to 5.2% ROI. A four-bedroom unit comes in close at a 4.9% rental yield. Similarly, three-bedroom villas can fetch up to 5.1% ROI, while a four-bedroom villa can reap a 4.8% return on investment.

Dubai Creek Harbour

The splendid new island district of Creek Harbour combines innovation and design in a wonderful integrated waterfront living community. Bringing you cultural and entertainments activities in a setting full of lush gardens is reason enough to invest here.

The area is ideal for families with kids, as well as working professionals. Also, it is close to major business hubs in Dubai. Choose between a collection of one-to-four-bedroom apartments with amazing views over the Dubai skyline. The master development is the embodiment of luxury living, combining some of the best-in-class real estate opportunities. Therefore, investors flock to the new area seeking substantial gains and high return on investment, in the new future.

Prices start at AED 1,600,000



Differences between Villas and Townhouses

Differences between villas and townhouses are plentiful and quite a fascinating topic to dwell upon. Below we put together some of the main differences and highlight the pros and cons of choosing a villa over a townhouse and vice versa.

Living inside a high-quality home is a dream and an ambition for many. Luxurious villas and townhouses bring comfort, privacy, and a great living experience. However, the main difference in how villas and townhouses differ from each other rests in their design and functionality. Furthermore, a villa compound is complete with private amenities while a townhouse complex features communal amenities.  Villas focus on private compounds where residents benefit from more privacy and more space. Furthermore, villas showcase better design, smarter, open plan layouts that maximize space, and far more luxurious interiors. The residences sit on larger plots and come with landscaped gardens, private pools in many cases, and better views all around.

Know when and where to choose

Townhouses are a very practical choice for people with a lower budget from different class levels. Additionally, these homes highlight the terraced part and are usually built near suburbs of the city, within a built-in complex. These affordable complexes offer shared amenities and can accommodate a large number of families.

Back to villa characteristics, these form part of a very private compound where the highlight is on the gardens and full privacy. The area surrounding a villa often comes with amazing views and landscapes.

A townhouse is normally adjoined to another, on both sides. So, this results in the rear garden being accessed via the house itself. Furthermore, townhouses come in smaller sizes than villas and are narrower. That is why developers build upwards and the homes have two storeys. Nonetheless, townhouses are becoming very popular with Dubai residents, and are often the first step towards a villa living lifestyle. For instance, Mira, Townsquare or Arabian Ranches are perfect examples of townhouse communities. These offer three-to-four-bedroom homes with maid’s rooms, in various layouts.


Deciding on whether to settle for a villa or townhouse is a very personal matter. One will have to consider several factors for the selection process. For instance, an ideal residential community will balance work, leisure, and entertainment harmoniously. Budget and family size are also key factors in the decision making, along with access to education, public transport links, or traffic conditions. More importantly, if you buy as an investor, you need to make sure it will attract strong ROI – Return on investment


Investing in a villa usually brings less ROI but higher capital appreciation. Also, there has been a great demand on the market for independent villas as of late. Villa sector has gained high appreciation with renters as well. For instance, Greens Community is one of the top communities where you can invest in a four-bedroom villa for under AED 3,500,000. The ROI for villas in this community is as high as 5.61%.

The selling price for a three-bedroom villa in the Mudon community is around AED 1,800,000. Investors can expect ROI here to reach 5,41%. Similarly, Dubai South ranks top for high return on investment on purchased townhouses here, with an ROI of up to 5.87%.

Ultimately, the key to ROI success is knowing when to buy and when to sell.

Other important aspects factoring in your decision can revolve around maintenance costs, surrounding views, on-site construction, or parking space. Villas offer more privacy for outdoor living and captivating views over the water, golf course, swimming pool, or park. Generally speaking, townhouses offer views of the complex and the community, sometimes looking directly onto next-door neighbor’s garden. Very often a neighboring construction site can generate a lot of noise pollution, to the greater disadvantage of residents.

Parking is limited to two spaces in townhouses, while villas provide more ample parking slots and on-street visitors’ parking as well.

Similarly, furnishing or decorating a townhouse is far more manageable and cost-effective than a large size villa. Maintenance costs for fit-outs, garden landscaping, or refurbishing can skyrocket for a villa but will be more affordable for a townhouse.

Differences between villas and townhouses


Lifestyle will greatly determine whether you are a villa enthusiast or a practical townhouse end-user

For instance, the younger audience and working professionals will prefer being close to leisure facilities, health clubs, and access to social interaction. For these reasons, they might favor choosing a townhouse.

Subsequently, the elite class, high net worth individuals, and large families will favor a high-end lifestyle. They are adventure seekers and luxury consumers choosing unparalleled amenities, ample space to entertain guests, and uncompromising quality. For these reasons, they will invest in large luxurious villas with privacy and customized features. Furthermore, the villas at District One in MBR City are the ultimate choice for extravagant living. District One villas bring the elite close to Downtown Dubai where they can indulge in a superlative shopping spree.

With regards to location and affordability, townhouses represent the affordable segment, comparing to villas. You will find affordable homes in developing areas such as AL Furjan or in highly attractive areas such as Arabian Ranches.

On the other side, villa buyers and tenants are looking for more than just aesthetics and exceptional amenities. They want to ensure their villa will firstly bring privacy and security for their families. Statistics indicate a rise in villa sales and villa rentals in the Palm Jumeirah community. Private villas in Palm Jumeirah ensure you are “living your dream” to the fullest. Furthermore, the record surge clearly indicates a change in living and working habits across Dubai.


Moving House in Dubai

Moving house in Dubai can be a daunting task. However, the approach, knowledge, and resources at hand will make a big difference while you are shifting. With all the overthinking that comes with moving house in Dubai, it is best to simplify and break down the process into practical steps.

Below, we look at a few facts and guidelines on how you can have a smooth transition while shifting over to your new place. In the current Covid pandemic climate we find ourselves in, everything is quite transitional. Expats in UAE have to reconsider living expenses post Covid 19 and shift residence accordingly. Housing trends are also changing with a tendency towards properties with more space and ample outdoors. Villas and townhouses are more in demand, as they provide more privacy and comfort for families. The pandemic forced us all to spend more time at home, becoming a new sanctuary where we live, work and educate children.

Therefore, the decision to upgrade or downsize your residence should consider these facts, in order to choose a property where you feel totally at ease and comfortable spending more time at home.

It is important to note how impeccably UAE handled the pandemic and the steps leading to the fast recovery of the economy and property market. Dubai remained open to visitors even during pandemic restrictions, and the UAE is leading the world’s fastest vaccination campaigns. For instance, over 75% of the UAE population is currently vaccinated.

The Dubai property market currently offers lower prices and very flexible mortgage conditions. Therefore, secondary market rental and sales transactions are reaching new, unprecedented highs.

Moving House in Dubai: Prepare well in advance

As you continue with the process of moving home, you need to consider further factors. Dubai’s property market is now in its most dynamic stage and thousands of new properties have become available for rent, so you will have a large portfolio to choose from. Firstly, this is the time to contact a reliable real estate agent and put across your requirements and budget available to you. Secondly, looking at the cost of shifting will also determine how much you will be saving on rent in the long run. Last but not least, you need to go house hunting and book viewings to explore several properties and options.

You can expect charges for agency fees if you decide to engage brokerage services via an agent. The fee usually stands at 5%.

Other costs involve a 5% deposit for your new residence and cheques you will be submitting to the agent or landlord, to cover the rent. Current trends in Dubai allow payment with several cheques which can be very helpful to reduce the total cost of moving. However, payment can be made in one, two, or four cheques as well, depending on circumstances. Furthermore, a tenancy contract will be prepared and registration of Ejari, which is compulsory by law. You can register your Ejari online and this will take only 15 minutes processing time. The cost is around AED 240.

In addition, there is also the DEWA or EMPOWER deposit to consider which will be slightly more expensive if you shift to a villa or townhouse. For example, the DEWA deposit amount for a flat is AED 2,000 and AED 4,000 for a villa.

Moving Hose in Dubai: Permit and Moving Company

If necessary, you can book a moving company in Dubai to ensure a smooth, stress-free relocation to your new property. Shop around until you find an all-inclusive package that will cover most of the aspects. For example, the removal company will cover maintenance, decorating, moving furniture, and unpacking everything at the new location. Packages vary from AED 2,000 to AED 3,000 and operations take up to two or three days to complete. Movers will pack and dismantle your belongings, help you declutter, and put everything back together again. Similarly, you need to place a greater focus on salinization and proper hygiene during and after the move. Thus, you can ensure safety and germs contamination. Therefore, its important to comply with rules and regulations, follow the guidelines and secure your health and wellbeing as well as that of your family.

In addition, moving home inside UAE requires you to obtain a move-in and move-out permit, for which you need to apply in writing. Furthermore, both your old and new property management company or landlord will have to receive the request. Once you provide the times and date of the move, you will get a clearance certificate and you’re good to go. Also, in the case of using removal company services, you will need to provide the company name and their trade license number. Currently, moving is allowed from 8 am to 8 pm.

Time for your new home and new experiences!

It’s time to settle into your new property and there is still so much to do. Is it wise to hire a deep cleaning company to sterilize and disinfect your new home? Have you completed filling in the snagging report for the property? How about transferring the internet provider or opt for a new subscription?

Make a note of all details and start with the beginning. Firstly, you have 48 hours to report any property issues and damages. Subsequently, the landlord needs to rectify and fix the issues. Ideally, the issues will resolve before you fully move in or within a week of occupying the new premises.

Secondly, consider finding out what internet provider services your area, so you can transfer and reconnect your internet package.

Most importantly, you will need to have a budget ready to go shopping for your new home, which is unavoidable. From soft furnishing to more solid items, you will find the options are as varied as the prices themselves. There is a great deal of furniture and homeware shops available in Ikea, Pan Emirates, or Dubai Mall. If you need to replace or upgrade items like fridge, oven, or washing machine, it’s best to research offers online first.



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