Benefits of investing in off plan properties in Dubai – Offplan Finder

Benefits of investing in off plan properties in Dubai – Offplan Finder

The off-plan property investment has been experiencing a boom cycle recently, gaining more popularity in the region, especially since the beginning of 2021. Local and international investors are taking to the market with confidence, seizing the opportunities for lucrative ROI and capital gains. There are many benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai. Furthermore, the thriving economy, stability in the region and attractive prices are attracting more interest and demand. Investors see the potential in the market, evidenced by the surge in off-plan sales. Actually, the total value market for the off-plan segment has increased by 44% in Q2 of 2021, according to reports from Property Finder.

Reports indicate a median price increase for both apartments and villas/townhouses, of up to 12% within a 12 months’ time frame. Subsequently, the average price per off-plan transaction has also surged from AED 1,246,000 in August 2020, to AED 1,905,000 in August 2021. As it turns out, August 2021 has been the best month for off-plan sales, when the market recorded 2,599 deals worth AED 4.95 billion. This is the highest value for transactions ever recorded since the end of 2013.

With the worst of the pandemic well behind us, the UAE is currently hosting the largest, most popular event worldwide — Expo 2020, which has already generated 1,500,000 visitors in less than a month. Therefore, benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai include Expo 2020. It is now acting as a catalyst for the real estate market, placing Dubai under a spotlight for fresh investors. In turn, developers follow suit and have been launching fresh, attractive projects in suburban communities. For example, Dubai South or Dubailand are great sellers for villas and townhouses that one can purchase below market value.

Are Off-plan properties a good investment?

For many reasons we are about to explore below, the answer is yes. If the year ahead presents an opportunity for you to invest, by all means, this is the best time to do it. Therefore, the benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai are your best start to build towards profitability.

Developers are putting on display a great variety of villas and townhouses in very attractive areas. These areas show there is consistent demand for larger homes. People are seeking more privacy, more natural surroundings than ever before. This is because they spend so much more time at home, post the pandemic. More people now tend to favor living in the suburbs, away from the city noise but in close proximity to key areas, and with ease of commuting. Therefore, the villa/townhouse segment is seeing such a strong increase in demand and great market performance, especially since last year.

Benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai — Buy below market value

Buying off-plan property at a significantly cheaper price than average places the buyer at a clear advantage within the market. For example, if you invest in off-plan today and the building is ready for completion three years from now, the value of your asset would have grown significantly over the three years. Therefore, buyers can experience strong capital growth even prior but especially post-completion date.

Sell before completion for a small profit

Furthermore, it is possible to sell your property before completion, with no penalty. Once the developer issues NOC and you have met all your repayments to date, you are free to resell your off-plan property, at a profit. For instance, you can choose to sell your property now at a higher market value, even if is not completed. Actually, you now enter in competition with the developer, as a seller. However, this is a quick fix if you’re looking for small, immediate profit. It is best to wait for the asset to mature, and rent out the property for regular income as well as capital growth.

Small deposit and attractive payment plan

Many developers offer the most attractive payment plans with the purchase of an off-plan property.

Some developers waive off DLD charges or offer substantial discounts for service charges. It all adds up to help you save more, in the long run. Buying off-plan guarantees a brand-new build that will bring good ROI upon completion. Furthermore, you can benefit from an additional discount if you buy several properties in one go or an entire floor. Similarly, many off-plan deals come with the benefit of a small deposit and payment plans spread over a number of years, with good installments. Paying in installments for a property is a widely popular trend, as the majority of buyers cannot make 100% upfront payments. Therefore, introducing a payment plan facilitates the ease and convenience of purchasing a property.

At offplanfinder. ae, we can secure your best deal on off-plan properties. Due to our solid partnerships with the most renowned developers in Dubai, we can rely on them for direct negotiation and the best discounts. Therefore, we have recently achieved a diamond alliance by Emaar. At offplanfinder. ae, we efficiently manage to sell a large number of off-plan properties and the many awards we obtain are testimony to our achievement.

Protection laws for the buyers

UAE legislation ensures that the Real Estate Regulatory Authority and the Dubai Land Department have all necessary measures in place to protect buyers’ interests and rights. You will be protected against any delays, fraud, or cancellation from the developer’s side. Therefore, buyers invest with confidence in a safe market regulated by strict policies for off-plan properties.

Benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai — Top picks

No matter the price, location, or property type, offplanfinder. ae in Dubai has the greatest off-plan variety

Dubai Hills Vista at Dubai Hills Estate

Investing in off-plan properties in Dubai with the luxurious project at Dubai Hills Estate is highly recommended. The project will feature 40 bespoke villas inspired by Automobili Lamborghini. The six-bedroom villas come with large terraces. From here you will enjoy stunning views over the championship Dubai Hills Golf Course and Dubai skyline. Prices start at AED 26,600,000

Arabian Ranches

Benefits of investing in off-plan properties in Dubai at Arabian Ranches III —The latest launch from Emaar, June Villas, is already generating a lot of interest due to the project being the first twin villas with side gardens, developed by Emaar. Arabian Ranches is home to over 40 There will be two phases to the project. June 1 with a total of 183 residences out of which nine are independent villas. Additionally, June 2 will feature 35 homes and only one independent villa. Prices start at AED 3,000,000 for a four-bedroom villa and AED 3,900,000 for a five-bedroom villa.

Emaar South

Emaar South paves the way to Dubai’s future. The popular sub-community is an integral part of the mega-development – Dubai South. It is revealing beautiful surrounding parks and an 18-hole championship golf course. Furthermore, with a great selection of affordable off-plan properties on display, Emmar South presents five main projects comprising one-to-three-bedroom apartments and two-to-four-bedroom villas for sale. The most popular is Expo Golf, followed by Urbana, Golf Links, Golf Views, and Saffron.

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Benefits of investing in off plan properties in Dubai – Offplan Finder

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Benefits of investing in off plan properties in Dubai – Offplan Finder

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Benefits of investing in off plan properties in Dubai – Offplan Finder

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