Dubai Best Camping Sites

Dubai best camping sites – Your next trip is here

Dubai’s best camping sites usually paint a very pretty picture. The city usually brings to mind a picture of luxury and opulence, seven-star hotels, shopping at Dubai Mall, and living in skyscrapers. However, the city reveals so much more beauty and appeal with natural surroundings that many would not expect from an 80% desert land.

Away from the glamour of Downtown and Burj Khalifa, you can explore the magical vastness of the desert. The stunning mountains, beaches, and azure waters of the Arabian Gulf are a sight of endless beauty. Therefore, it’s time to pack up and go explore Dubai and UAE on a different level.

Below we reveal the most popular, beautiful destinations for your next camping adventure. Desert camping around Dubai and across UAE will reveal some unique spots, secluded camping sites that will leave you in awe. Similarly, the highest mountain range in the eastern Arabian Peninsula and the endless coastal area reveals more beauty than you ever imagined. The feeling you get when you explore the wilderness while you are camping and sleeping under the stars is priceless. Furthermore, camping allows you to go trekking across the majestic mountains or barbecue under the sun, cross the rolling dunes and feel wide and free

What to pack?

Dubai best camping sites let you embark on a camping adventure like never before. However, before you set off and buy your tent, make sure you pack bare necessities for your journey. Some of the picturesque camping sites do offer some essential amenities. However, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it’s best to prepare in advance. Food and water are the main important on the list, to keep your energy levels up and stay hydrated. Apart from your tent and blankets, make sure to bring sleeping bags and warm clothing, as it can get quite cold overnight in the desert and the mountains. Invest in proper tent equipment, as it will serve you well, for sure. Similarly, you will need torches, a portable charger, good sunscreen, and an emergency kit, just to be on the safe side.

Ideally, you should always use a 4×4 vehicle for the journey. These cars are geared up for the desert dunes and mountain terrain. They will not let you down or see you stuck. However, if you are misfortunate enough to get stuck in the sand, call out for help and use available resources nearby. As a last resort, you must call recovery services to pull you out. Depending on your location, they arrive very fast and, they are fully equipped to recover the vehicle.

Last but not least, sunglasses, a hat, proper footwear, and a good camera to snap great images should also be part of your essentials.

Ideal months for camping in UAE are mid-October to May when the weather is not as hot as during summer.

The Great Outdoors

 Al Qudra Lakes

We picked Al Qudra Lakes as number one for many reasons. It is easy to reach, closest to Dubai residents, and one of the best places to relax and enjoy the splendid scenery. Al Qudra’s beautiful setting offers the desert landscape on one side while the other side is a conservation reserve for wildlife. The lakes are home to many wild species, so expect to enjoy the sight of flamingos and swans, and even camels, if you are lucky. So, make sure to bring a pair of binoculars. Lastly, if the mood calls for something more romantic, bring your loved one to the “Love Lakes”, for a romantic sunset.

Fossil Rock Sharjah

For a perfect dune bashing experience and buggy rides, you have to try Fossil Rock in Sharjah. It is one hour drive from Dubai and a most popular spot for camping lovers. Also, it completely takes you into another world, far from civilization. Perfect for off-roading, hiking, and larger groups seeking the adrenaline. Furthermore, the place is part of an archeological site, hence the name that aptly suits.


Hatta is 130 kilometers away from Dubai city center. This is another ideal weekend gateway for camping and hiking near the stunning Hajar mountains. The hiking trails stretch across 32 kilometers. Furthermore, Hatta Water Dam enjoys so many visitors who take to kayaking or paddling across the lakes and further check into the fancy Sedr Trailers. This is the first trailer hotel where you can camp and get the luxury treatment associated with five-star hotels. For some AED 300 a night, you can camp in luxury and have your own terrace and lounge to unwind in.


You will never encounter the mirage of the desert the same way Liwa reveals it. The most impressive sunsets and sunrises await here. You are in the middle of complete seclusion, away from the noise of the world. For true desert lovers and off-road safari professional drivers, this is the ultimate adventure. Here you can truly savor the raw beauty of the desert. Liwa is the most beautiful desert, not only in Abu Dhabi but in the whole world. However, the only way to cross it is by 4×4. Also, make sure you keep a compass and a tank full of petrol at all times.

Dubai Best Camping Sites by the beach

Banana Beach

The Jebel Ali beach resort is a favorite spot for beach lovers who like to camp by water and enjoy great sunrises. There are 47 camping tents available for rent. Staff is on-site to provide further assistance or chairs and pillows if you need. The cost per night is around AED 350. There are also water sports available, for an additional cost.

Al Dhafra Beach

One of the best beaches in Abu Dhabi, Al Dharfa lets you camp by the sea and enjoy water sports such as diving and snorkeling. Furthermore, the place perfectly combines beach and desert all in one, making it a great spot for the entire family.

Snoopy Island

Snoopy Island is a tiny rock island along the Fujairah coastline, ideal for families with kids. This beach campsite offers idyllic views of the Indian Ocean and the Hajar Mountains. Take the kids along for a boat trip and go snorkeling through the crystal clear waters, admiring colorful marine life.





Dubai Market post Covid

Dubai Market post-Covid 19 is a blog aiming to look at the impact of Covid 19 on Dubai’s real estate market and forecast for the industry in 2021/2022.

Generally speaking, around 90% of Dubai’s population is transitional. Trends indicate repeated cycles of people coming and going, as per circumstances. Therefore, the real estate market in Dubai is not easy to measure or estimate. It is ever-changing and evolving. However, everyone living and breathing today knows that when Covid came, the market was hit hard. The pandemic was such a huge financial blow at a global level. Expo 2020 was postponed and Companies all over the world started slashing jobs amid a very unstable economic climate. The world was in total lockdown and travel was suspended. Therefore, international investors stopped arriving in Dubai. Local buyers and end-users stopped buying due to fear of uncertainty. Many expats returned to their home countries leaving the rental market in dismay.

At the lowest margins of 2020, the Dubai property market lost up to 40% of its value. However, the slow recovery to pre-pandemic levels ironically started the same year. The recovery is ongoing and the real estate market is gathering momentum as we sail into 2022.

UAE’s outstanding measures against Covid 19

Dubai Market post-Covid 19 would never recover without UAE’s outstanding contribution. The progressive measures that the government is taking during pandemic times are cementing UAE’s reputation as a global leader.  Due to solid governmental assistance across all industry sectors, real estate is rapidly bouncing back at full speed. UAE’s resilience in the face of adversity shows how quickly the nation is able to adapt to new market reality and make the best of crisis. The smart solutions adopted by the Government show how UAE is a model of stability and resilience in the face of adversity.

UAE leaders had to enforce firm initiatives to tackle the impact of the pandemic. For instance, The National Disinfection Programme took over the country in an attempt to contain the virus spread. Furthermore, the economic stimulus worth AED 256 billion was a groundbreaking initiative to salvage and stabilize the economy.

While much of the world was watching the stillness of life from behind their window curtains, UAE remained open to tourists, lifting travel restrictions in July 2020. The huge surge in the number of tourists also signaled the revival of the real estate game. Furthermore, UAE is leading by example, conducting the fastest vaccination campaign in the world. Over 80% of the population in the UAE is currently vaccinated. However, safety and sanitization measures continue to remain in place all over the country. Also, wearing a mask is still compulsory in UAE.

Looking forward with confidence

Dubai Market post-Covid 19 – Today, Dubai is business as usual for many residents, foreign investors, and nationals. They once again take to the market and show confidence in buying, as they see the prices stabilize. We see a clear increase in demand for golf course townhouses and family villas. Residents are now looking for bigger space, more privacy away from the city center because many are still working from home. Villa transactions are definitely at the top of the revenue. Similarly, high-end waterfront property is also reviving the property market, with a consistent jump in sales.

Despite the pandemic, the economy is open, offering very attractive incentives for buyers and investors. All-time low prices, flexible payment plans, and relaxed mortgage conditions are driving the market upwards with record sales.

Dubai Market post-Covid and Expo 2020

Dubai property market post-Covid 19 is looking much brighter. Borders are now open pretty much everywhere, people are getting vaccinated and Expo 2020 is just around the corner. The real estate market will definitely see a surge in demand when Expo 2020 kicks off. Dubai and Abu Dhabi remain favorite destinations, particularly for other GCC states. UAE promotes stability in the region, security for assets, and capital appreciation. Therefore, the country will see a sharp growth prior to and post Expo 2020.

UAE expects huge traffic of visitors and tourists to the country. Therefore, we will see a lot of foreign and domestic investors taking the market by storm. Similarly, the event will create ample jobs in various sectors, subsequently leading to more housing demand. Expo 2020 positions Dubai at the center of tourism, trade, and logistics, preparing to welcome over 25 million visitors to the event. Dubai’s real estate market is already attracting more foreign investment with the return of international home buyers.

Furthermore, UAE implemented more relaxed legislation around issuing long-term visa and granting citizenship to outstanding residents. For sure, these measures will further boost the market attracting a larger audience. Expo 2020 is appealing on many levels and is already generating a huge volume of property transactions. Cash payments, cash management and financing continue to dominate the real estate sector, speeding the recovery of the market in 2021.

There is a great sentiment of achievement and prosperity surrounding UAE, especially before the big 50-year anniversary this year, on 2nd December 2021. There is no greater way to enjoy the National Day and Golden Jubilee than looking back with pride and moving forward with success.

List your property as a Holiday Home

“List your property as a holiday home” dwells upon today’s reality behind short rentals in the Dubai market.

Many homeowners find themselves traveling for business on a regular basis, leaving an empty apartment behind. A great way to earn additional income is to list your property as a short rental holiday home.  UAE legislation stipulates that building management companies cannot prevent owners from converting their property into a holiday home. Unless your sale and purchase agreement indicates otherwise, you are at full liberty to make this decision.

However, if you decide to explore this opportunity, you must first obtain a license from DTCM – Dubai Tourism. Alternatively, the cheaper option is to use a holiday home management company in order to get licensed. So, once you get licensed you can start listing your property on platforms such as Airbnb or holiday homes. They usually charge a percentage fee of 15% or 17% but will take care of everything for you. For example, the holiday home company will advertise the property and cover all paperwork related to the leasing process. Moreso, they will handle check-in and check-out timings as well as cleaning after the guests. Basically, all the running costs including Dewa and service charges will be handled by the management company.

Costs and regulations

If you are the owner of a studio or one-to-four-bedroom property, you will be paying up to AED 1,200 licensing fee a year. You also need to renew the license each year. Before the owners get to fully enjoy the positive return on investment from the short rentals, they need to comply with all regulations

List your property as a holiday home – For instance, the property must come fully furnished with an available connection to the internet and DEWA. The owner needs to have full insurance on the property and be ready to clean and sanitize the premises after each guest. Additional costs might add up with maintenance fees, advertising fees, and guest amenities. Similarly, owners need to pay AED 15 a day for each guest during their stay. This represents the Tourism Dirham Fee, paid monthly to DTCM. However, the holiday home operator usually covers the Tourism fee. Furthermore, tenants cannot short let your property without your written consent. As an owner you must sign and submit a no-objection certificate to DTCM, allowing your tenant to short let.

DTCM provides a full list of items that your property needs to display, in order to comply with conditions for short rentals. For example, you need to furnish the property with quality items, provide a TV set, kettle and curtains.

If you deliver on your promises and observe the government regulations and high standards for short rentals, you will definitely reap the rewards.

Expo 2020 and short-term rentals

The short-term rental market will definitely see a surge in demand when Expo 2020 kicks off soon. UAE will attract a massive influx of visitors and tourists to the country.

Many short-term rental businesses are already expanding their operations to cater to the demand. They are acquiring a fresh portfolio of properties to cater to all needs and budgets. From luxury properties, high-end, or mid-market, Dubai has the supply to match the demand. The current market offers attractive opportunities to owners and businesses engaging in holiday rentals. With Expo 2020 bringing a huge number of visitors into the country, short-term occupancy will exceed any previous records. Expo 2020 positions Dubai as a global catalyst for tourism, trade, and logistics, ready to welcome over 25 million visitors to the event. Dubai’s short-term accommodation market will need to deliver the highest standards of services and facilities, to grow and advance its reputable reputation.

Travelers and tenants are looking to benefit from more value for money, privacy, more space, and resort living standards. Therefore, they veer towards holidays homes and more flexible leases.

List your property as a Holiday Home: Advantages / Disadvantages

Short-term lets generate high ROI, apparently even higher than long-term rentals. According to Anna Skigin, CEO and founder of Frank Porter, renting a property short-term over three years “gives a return of 20-40 percent higher than long-term” However, each area of Dubai will generate a different rate of return on investment. Additionally, holiday seasons such as Christmas or Eid are very good boosters for the short rental industry. Residents switching to monthly rentals for more flexibility also improved capitalizing on short-term rentals.

Downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina, and Palm Jumeirah fetch some of the highest prices for short-term rentals.

The average price for a studio or one-bedroom residence starts at AED 350, a night and up to AED 3,000 per night for a five-bedroom villa. Similarly, if you opt for monthly rental, expect to pay around AED 3500 for a furnished studio and AED 4,800 for one bedroom.

If there is a downside to the holiday homes, it has to be the additional cost for maintenance and repairs that the owners have to bear. However, the cost and damages could be minimized, especially where your personal belongings coming into the picture. Many fear renting out short-term because of damage to their personal items. Therefore, you need to consider having a storage unit, where you can safely deposit your belongings. Alternatively, you can reserve certain areas inside your home where you can lock away private stuff, for your peace of mind.

Virtual Property Tours

How are virtual tours reshaping your property search?

In a world that is becoming more digitalized each day, everything seems to be happening online. Apparently, so are potential buyers. They go home hunting via virtual tours, so choosing their property is now just a few clicks away.

Property virtual tours are becoming the latest form of marketing, promoting engagement with the company’s website and even building more trust around their services. Sitting in the comfort of your home while checking out 3D real estate viewings is easier and faster than going places. One-click on your phone or laptop and you are virtually inside your dream home. The evolution of virtual imaging makes it possible for all to avail of a whole new dimension within the real estate game. For instance, real estate 360 virtual tours, new apps, and innovative software are reshaping the future of the industry.

Virtual home tours allow for a more comprehensive picture of the respective property. However, it will never replace physical viewings and the palpable feel you get while being physically present on the premises.

The real estate industry mainly showcases three types of virtual tours. For example, the Panoramic Tour gives a full, 360 degrees view of the property. Furthermore, the Video Tour is also highly used, giving a full view of the area. Thirdly, the Interactive Floor Plan Tour is equally useful to give you a better understanding of the property’s setting and the floor plan.

Virtual Property Tours: Welcome to the Future

Statistics show a gradual increase in virtual tours usage across many brands and businesses, particularly real estate. Similarly, post-Covid 19, the industry is embracing the use of more digital solutions to boost the selling and buying of property. The pandemic has brought many changes to the way people live, work, and shop. During this time, fifty percent of the customers rely fully on virtual tours to help them make the right decision about their next investment. Therefore, virtual tours can boost a listing’s potential to a large extent. Virtual tours have millions of daily views worldwide, attracting more leads and customers. Furthermore, these customers will always check online property portals before they make up their minds to ask for actual viewing. It makes it so much easier to shortlist the property online. So, if you decide to include a virtual tour on your website, both parties involved will benefit greatly.

Firstly, the customer will save time and energy by narrowing down the listings they find most appealing. Subsequently, if the client gets a comprehensive experience online, it can save agents’ time by eliminating time waters and futile viewings. Digital property tours can be a decisive factor for the client. They will quickly get the feel of it and know whether to invest time to visit the property or not. Therefore, it is important for the agent and the real estate agency to use extensive digital technology while engaging with potential buyers.

How do I make a virtual tour of the property?

 The budget and the tools you use will greatly determine the actual quality of the end product. If you wish to produce great quality virtual tours, you will need the proper equipment. Real Estate photography and videography are the best tools at hand, utilizing the latest photography equipment. However, there are many other elements to consider if the budget is rather low. 360-degree video cameras are easily available on the market for around $200. Start by selecting the best views and angles, while making sure premises are clutter-free. Lighting is very important for a high-value virtual tour. So, make sure the property has sufficient natural light flowing in if you shoot indoors. Start the tour by shooting from the main entrance looking in. Remember to minimize the use of flash or eliminate altogether. It can make the objects appear distorted or add glare to shots. Furthermore, try to guide the viewers’ interest in each room, highlighting interesting details such as design or fixtures.

Shooting outdoors is equally important to highlight the surroundings. A beautifully landscaped garden or backyard can add quality and increase viewings. Buyers get excited with natural surroundings showcasing the area, the views around the property, and community amenities.

Ultimately, the virtual tour is much more than just showing what the property looks like. It is also about giving buyers attractive reasons as to why they should choose to live there.

Pros and Cons

In a virtual tour, everything appears quite glamorous but, it is ultimately the personal touch that matters more. Therefore, most people will always physically visit the property before finalizing the deal.

Similarly, there are many other details that a virtual tour will not reveal to the naked eye. For example, the quality of furniture and fixtures cannot appear as accurate online as they appear in reality. The same applies when you view the neighborhood virtually. You cannot get the real feel of the place unless you walk it. Similarly, you have to be physically present to fully grasp the natural light flow or proper ventilation of a home. Most importantly, whether you are a buyer or a seller, you will definitely want to meet the other party and interact with them face to face. Both parties should review terms and conditions, and thoroughly check all documents before signing the contract.

The virtual tour of a property is an important aspect of the whole home-buying process. However, it is only the initial step. Lastly, you can only feel you have reached home once you step in and assimilate the energy of the place.



Five ways to increase home value for sale

Increase your home value for sale? So many questions will pop into your head when you mentally prepare yourself to sell your home.

However, there are key factors that you need to consider when you tackle the topic of your home value and how to maximize that value before you sell. The most common questions that arise once you put the “For Sale” sign up sound familiar to most of us. Is it the right time? What is my place worth? Should I sell on my own or hire professional help? It is not easy to assess whether you’re ready to sell or not, but there are ways to establish if this is a good decision for you and your family or a good opportunity for your next investment. Therefore, having a detailed plan is crucial.

Below, we offer a few guidelines and insights into the process of selling your home and what is involved along the way.

Increase your home value for sale

How do I know if is the right time to sell?

Firstly, there is no such thing as a good or bad time to sell your home. The decision is very personal and what motivates the seller are various personal circumstances. However, it is important to understand how to market tendencies can work in your favor or vice versa. Is it a buyer’s market or a seller’s market? Are homes selling quickly in your area? What price are the homes selling for and what are some of the local trends? These questions followed by a bit of research will help you determine if it is a good time to sell or wait further.

Judging by the current Dubai real estate statistics, the property market is as hot as ever. Therefore, it is an ideal time to sell. 2021 is so far proving to be a hot sellers’ market, despite Covid 19 impact and repercussions on everyone’s life. Furthermore, many tenants are converting into buyers due to very attractive payment plans and low interest rates. The market is showing signs of tremendous improvement and real demand which is an attractive factor for investors.

Because of the high demand, sellers have a real window to obtain a high, effective selling price for their home, at least for the near future. We surely hope the dynamic market trend will follow through in 2022, but one can never predict how soon we cycle back into a buyer’s market.

Increase your home value for sale

What’s my place worth?

Many say it is wise to get a market appraisal before you decide to sell. Getting a real professional insight into the value of your asset will help you make the right decision and positively impact your future financial wellbeing. It also offers an opportunity to fix any issues with the house before the sale.

While is important to know how much your place is worth, you also need to understand the difference between an appraisal and property valuation. For instance, the property valuation is conducted by a Certified Valuer and it involves a fee. On the other hand, an appraisal is conducted by a specialized real estate agent, who will have in-depth knowledge of your area and current market trends. An agent specialized in your area will be able to give you an accurate indication and understanding of your home’s true value. They will use educated judgment based on local market expertise since they live and breathe real estate figures and practices. And, since the real estate game changes constantly, a knowledgeable agent is quite versed in assessing your home value.

Moreso, many of the agents will be happy to oblige the task as a courtesy, without charging. The real estate agent will consider several aspects in evaluating your home, from location to property size and more.

Location, location, location!

The slogan “location, location, location” is still as authentic as ever in today’s market. Thus, it can greatly determine added value to your home. It is a highly important factor, as it looks at proximity to local attractions, amenities in the community, transport links for the area, and access to the public.

Furthermore, the agent will also consider the density of educational and healthcare facilities in the area near your home. Also, property size and structure quality, finishes, and fittings will be on the list, as part of the appraisal. Above all, if you avail of an agent’s authentic appraisal, it will also add credibility with potential buyers. They will see it as a genuine effort and transparency behind your decision to sell. Moreso, it will save buyers time and energy, before they decide to put a higher offer on the table. Last but not least, you need to realize that is not the appraisal that will fix the sale price. It is the market itself.

What is the market like, right now?

Dubai’s real estate market is bouncing back with a steady uptrend. Statistics show prices recovery of up to seven percent in 2021, comparing to November 2020. There is also a strong indication that overseas investors are top buyers of Dubai property.  According to reports published by Zawya.com, we are witnessing a staggering 170% increase in transactions from European buyers in Q1 and Q2 of 2021.

Realty Force Real Estate Brokers CEO, Mr. Riyaz Merchant, told Zawaya Projects that the Dubai property market has been steady and sustainable compared to previous cycles:

“This time, we are seeing a new transition with people coming from every part of Europe to settle here. When money is coming from Europe, it far exceeds the deployment that is coming from Southeast Asia, the Sub-continent, and the Middle East,” he said.

“Earlier, tourists and visitors saw Dubai as a shopping destination, but now it is seen as a residential destination, which shows the confidence that people have in the city.”

Mr. Riyaz Merchant also notes that the establishment of diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel attracted buyers from Israel showing interest in high-end apartments in Downtown Dubai. Increased buyer activity for properties over $ 2.7 million has been registered, investors originating from Italy, Spain, Switzerland, France, and the UK. Luxury beachfront living is a crucial driving factor in attracting investors from Europe and Russia.

Furthermore, Dubai is currently one of the few places in the world to offer:

✔Safety and security

✔Excellent infrastructure

✔Tax-free, stable economy

✔Capital appreciation and strong yields

✔High-quality lifestyle for all nationalities

Therefore, the Real Estate industry in Dubai is making a strong market rebound across all segments – off-plan, residential and rental. Firstly, new launches from major developers are selling fast at Emaar Beachfront, Dubai Hills Estate, or Arabian Ranches 3. Secondly, apartments and villas purchases come with attractive payment plans for first-time buyers and investors. Thirdly, an impressive inventory of excellent properties takes center stage on the market. Modern beach apartments and sophisticated villas next to a championship golf course are great sellers,

Is it worth renovating to increase my property’s value?

They say there is always room for improvements, and the same applies to your home. Home improvements are necessary to enhance the look and ambiance of your home before it goes on sale. If the budget allows, you can hire the services of a good interior designer. They can assist greatly and suggest a fresh new look with furniture replacement or redecorating. For sure, any upgrades will stir up more buyers’ interest and fetch a better price.

However, if you feel you are up to the task and wish to do it yourself, you can find inspiration in many magazines and websites. Draw a plan, make a budget and keep it simple. Start with a fresh coat of paint, and use neutral clean colors. It will totally transform the feel of your home. Furthermore, upgrading fittings and finishes for the kitchen and bathroom will boost the appearance with a fresh, inviting look.

Most importantly, you only get one chance to make a first good impression. So make sure your home is spotless and shines inside out. This is the time to hire a cleaning service who can do the job for you and have your home sparkle. Clean homes sell faster.  Furthermore, consider a thorough declutter, to make sure your home appears brighter and larger. It will be more valuable and attractive to buyers.

Happy selling!

Five most popular communities in Dubai for Investors

Five most popular communities in Dubai for Investors is a comprehensive guide to your next investment. Whether you are looking for villa life, townhouse living, or waterfront luxury, Dubai offers a plethora of real estate investment options. Above all, the Emirate offers some of the most attractive rental yields globally, according to Savills consultancy in 2020. Investors’ interest in the property market has increased due to a number of factors. For instance, Dubai property is very cost-effective compared to other top markets across the world.  Furthermore, the city abounds with unique cosmopolitan projects and futuristic developments of residential communities. Also, the upcoming Expo 2020 is only adding to the long list of investment opportunities for buyers.

Dubai’s property market – A buyer’s market

The market is growing steadier and more resilient in spite of the pandemic, indicating an increase in transaction volumes in 2021. However, with so many options available, and a long list of freehold communities for investors, it is important to choose the right area. This is important because it can impact the ROI you expect the property to generate. Five most popular communities in Dubai for Investors explores five of the most popular communities that have seen a surge in transactions from investors. We hope the guidelines will assist you in making the best choice with your next property investment in Dubai.

Five most popular communities in Dubai for Investors

Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai, “The Center of Now” is the ultimate hub for business and luxury in the city. Subsequently, it spreads across 500 acres and showcases some of the most luxurious futuristic apartments and penthouses. Being the most visited and most popular spot in Dubai, it brings a higher value for the property. The trendy neighborhood has a growing demand for the secondary market and is famous for generating a high return on investment on rental payments. Therefore, we picked Downtown Dubai as the ideal, number one option for your next investment.

Contemporary skyscrapers are a distinct feature of the area. Spacious layouts and high-end finishes dominate the theme of Downtown residences. Units boast great views and floor plans, large balconies, fitted kitchens, master bedrooms, and private parking.

Rental Trends

Popular buildings for rental options include The Residences, Boulevard Point and Opera Grand. For instance, Burj Al Najoom offers the best options for studios with balconies, ranging from 450 sq. ft. to 560 sq. ft. However, the famous Burj Khalifa ranks first for rental preference. It is highly in demand for two-bedroom rentals, with an estimated annual rent price of AED 160,000 to AED 190.000. For example, the luxurious flats cover up to 1,800 sq. ft. in the tallest building in the world. Residing at Burj Khalifa is a statement of luxury itself.

Annual rental yield varies according to property type. For instance, a studio is likely to fetch 5.9% ROI, a two-bedroom or four-bedroom flat 4.7 %. A five-bedroom apartment could generate a 4.1% ROI.

Madinat Jumeirah Living

Madinat Jumeirah Living is the ultimate prestige address for a new generation of investors and homebuyers. The exclusive freehold residential community offers splendid views of Burj Al Arab and is located right opposite the famous seven-star hotel. Community offers a range of elegant one-to-four-bedroom apartments, with contemporary design, premium finishes, and amazing views across the sea.

Furthermore, the buildings feature unmatched infrastructure and facilities, and will welcome you with a taste of “Old Souq”. For instance, Rahaal building has an impressive collection of 90 apartments offering a relaxed living ambiance. Also, homes offer direct beach access as well as basement and visitors’ parking.

Prices start at AED 1,300,000. Last but not least, the homes promise good capital appreciation potential and high ROI if leased as holiday homes.

Port De La Mer

Port De La Mer in Jumeirah delivers the most alluring waterfront residences along with majestic views of Jumeirah Beach and Dubai’s skyline.

The freehold master community is highly sought after and favored by investors for business opportunities. Furthermore, the great location highly contributes towards a safe, sustainable investment.  Foreign investors can purchase homes here at ease and with the most attractive payment plans. Choose from an exclusive selection of one to four-bedroom apartments within a most private high-class community. Similarly, the development will also feature three to five-bedroom townhouses and penthouses, covering an area of up to 5,000 sq. ft. The community blends minimalist and contemporary design, with clean lines, a monochromatic color palette. Similarly, the design merges with the crystal blue waters and blue skies landscape, building a strong relationship with the natural space.

Dubai’s pristine coastline at Port de La Mer welcomes you with azure open seas and beaches. Prices start at AED 1,300,000

Dubai Hills Estate

Emaar and Meraas are joining forces in launching one of the most extravagant projects spanning across a glorious golf course at Dubai Hills Estate. With impeccable aesthetics in the architectural design, Dubai Hill is on its way to becoming the favorite choice for investors and homeowners. The community is growing fast and is attracting a high volume of ex-pats, professionals, and large families looking to settle here. Furthermore, state-of-the-art amenities are an additional feature to attract audiences. Proximity to Downtown and to Dubai’s financial hub makes commenting easy and accessible for residents.

The community offers a haven of benefits. That is why investors find it so appealing. For example, villas come with a high level of comfort, views of nature, and ultimately high quality of living standards.

Selling Trends Dubai Hills

Dubai Hills Estate is definitely one of the five most popular communities in Dubai for Investors. Also, is one of the greatest locations to rent luxury villas. 2,000 villas and thousands of apartments populate the community and offer high living standards. Properties are available in one-to seven-bedroom configurations and even include residential plots.

Starting price for a three-bedroom villa is AED 1,900,000 and AED 1,500,000 for a two-bedroom apartment. A one-bedroom apartment in Dubai Hills can generate up to 5.2% ROI. A four-bedroom unit comes in close at a 4.9% rental yield. Similarly, three-bedroom villas can fetch up to 5.1% ROI, while a four-bedroom villa can reap a 4.8% return on investment.

Dubai Creek Harbour

The splendid new island district of Creek Harbour combines innovation and design in a wonderful integrated waterfront living community. Bringing you cultural and entertainments activities in a setting full of lush gardens is reason enough to invest here.

The area is ideal for families with kids, as well as working professionals. Also, it is close to major business hubs in Dubai. Choose between a collection of one-to-four-bedroom apartments with amazing views over the Dubai skyline. The master development is the embodiment of luxury living, combining some of the best-in-class real estate opportunities. Therefore, investors flock to the new area seeking substantial gains and high return on investment, in the new future.

Prices start at AED 1,600,000



Differences between Villas and Townhouses

Differences between villas and townhouses are plentiful and quite a fascinating topic to dwell upon. Below we put together some of the main differences and highlight the pros and cons of choosing a villa over a townhouse and vice versa.

Living inside a high-quality home is a dream and an ambition for many. Luxurious villas and townhouses bring comfort, privacy, and a great living experience. However, the main difference in how villas and townhouses differ from each other rests in their design and functionality. Furthermore, a villa compound is complete with private amenities while a townhouse complex features communal amenities.  Villas focus on private compounds where residents benefit from more privacy and more space. Furthermore, villas showcase better design, smarter, open plan layouts that maximize space, and far more luxurious interiors. The residences sit on larger plots and come with landscaped gardens, private pools in many cases, and better views all around.

Know when and where to choose

Townhouses are a very practical choice for people with a lower budget from different class levels. Additionally, these homes highlight the terraced part and are usually built near suburbs of the city, within a built-in complex. These affordable complexes offer shared amenities and can accommodate a large number of families.

Back to villa characteristics, these form part of a very private compound where the highlight is on the gardens and full privacy. The area surrounding a villa often comes with amazing views and landscapes.

A townhouse is normally adjoined to another, on both sides. So, this results in the rear garden being accessed via the house itself. Furthermore, townhouses come in smaller sizes than villas and are narrower. That is why developers build upwards and the homes have two storeys. Nonetheless, townhouses are becoming very popular with Dubai residents, and are often the first step towards a villa living lifestyle. For instance, Mira, Townsquare or Arabian Ranches are perfect examples of townhouse communities. These offer three-to-four-bedroom homes with maid’s rooms, in various layouts.


Deciding on whether to settle for a villa or townhouse is a very personal matter. One will have to consider several factors for the selection process. For instance, an ideal residential community will balance work, leisure, and entertainment harmoniously. Budget and family size are also key factors in the decision making, along with access to education, public transport links, or traffic conditions. More importantly, if you buy as an investor, you need to make sure it will attract strong ROI – Return on investment


Investing in a villa usually brings less ROI but higher capital appreciation. Also, there has been a great demand on the market for independent villas as of late. Villa sector has gained high appreciation with renters as well. For instance, Greens Community is one of the top communities where you can invest in a four-bedroom villa for under AED 3,500,000. The ROI for villas in this community is as high as 5.61%.

The selling price for a three-bedroom villa in the Mudon community is around AED 1,800,000. Investors can expect ROI here to reach 5,41%. Similarly, Dubai South ranks top for high return on investment on purchased townhouses here, with an ROI of up to 5.87%.

Ultimately, the key to ROI success is knowing when to buy and when to sell.

Other important aspects factoring in your decision can revolve around maintenance costs, surrounding views, on-site construction, or parking space. Villas offer more privacy for outdoor living and captivating views over the water, golf course, swimming pool, or park. Generally speaking, townhouses offer views of the complex and the community, sometimes looking directly onto next-door neighbor’s garden. Very often a neighboring construction site can generate a lot of noise pollution, to the greater disadvantage of residents.

Parking is limited to two spaces in townhouses, while villas provide more ample parking slots and on-street visitors’ parking as well.

Similarly, furnishing or decorating a townhouse is far more manageable and cost-effective than a large size villa. Maintenance costs for fit-outs, garden landscaping, or refurbishing can skyrocket for a villa but will be more affordable for a townhouse.

Differences between villas and townhouses


Lifestyle will greatly determine whether you are a villa enthusiast or a practical townhouse end-user

For instance, the younger audience and working professionals will prefer being close to leisure facilities, health clubs, and access to social interaction. For these reasons, they might favor choosing a townhouse.

Subsequently, the elite class, high net worth individuals, and large families will favor a high-end lifestyle. They are adventure seekers and luxury consumers choosing unparalleled amenities, ample space to entertain guests, and uncompromising quality. For these reasons, they will invest in large luxurious villas with privacy and customized features. Furthermore, the villas at District One in MBR City are the ultimate choice for extravagant living. District One villas bring the elite close to Downtown Dubai where they can indulge in a superlative shopping spree.

With regards to location and affordability, townhouses represent the affordable segment, comparing to villas. You will find affordable homes in developing areas such as AL Furjan or in highly attractive areas such as Arabian Ranches.

On the other side, villa buyers and tenants are looking for more than just aesthetics and exceptional amenities. They want to ensure their villa will firstly bring privacy and security for their families. Statistics indicate a rise in villa sales and villa rentals in the Palm Jumeirah community. Private villas in Palm Jumeirah ensure you are “living your dream” to the fullest. Furthermore, the record surge clearly indicates a change in living and working habits across Dubai.


Moving House in Dubai

Moving house in Dubai can be a daunting task. However, the approach, knowledge, and resources at hand will make a big difference while you are shifting. With all the overthinking that comes with moving house in Dubai, it is best to simplify and break down the process into practical steps.

Below, we look at a few facts and guidelines on how you can have a smooth transition while shifting over to your new place. In the current Covid pandemic climate we find ourselves in, everything is quite transitional. Expats in UAE have to reconsider living expenses post Covid 19 and shift residence accordingly. Housing trends are also changing with a tendency towards properties with more space and ample outdoors. Villas and townhouses are more in demand, as they provide more privacy and comfort for families. The pandemic forced us all to spend more time at home, becoming a new sanctuary where we live, work and educate children.

Therefore, the decision to upgrade or downsize your residence should consider these facts, in order to choose a property where you feel totally at ease and comfortable spending more time at home.

It is important to note how impeccably UAE handled the pandemic and the steps leading to the fast recovery of the economy and property market. Dubai remained open to visitors even during pandemic restrictions, and the UAE is leading the world’s fastest vaccination campaigns. For instance, over 75% of the UAE population is currently vaccinated.

The Dubai property market currently offers lower prices and very flexible mortgage conditions. Therefore, secondary market rental and sales transactions are reaching new, unprecedented highs.

Moving House in Dubai: Prepare well in advance

As you continue with the process of moving home, you need to consider further factors. Dubai’s property market is now in its most dynamic stage and thousands of new properties have become available for rent, so you will have a large portfolio to choose from. Firstly, this is the time to contact a reliable real estate agent and put across your requirements and budget available to you. Secondly, looking at the cost of shifting will also determine how much you will be saving on rent in the long run. Last but not least, you need to go house hunting and book viewings to explore several properties and options.

You can expect charges for agency fees if you decide to engage brokerage services via an agent. The fee usually stands at 5%.

Other costs involve a 5% deposit for your new residence and cheques you will be submitting to the agent or landlord, to cover the rent. Current trends in Dubai allow payment with several cheques which can be very helpful to reduce the total cost of moving. However, payment can be made in one, two, or four cheques as well, depending on circumstances. Furthermore, a tenancy contract will be prepared and registration of Ejari, which is compulsory by law. You can register your Ejari online and this will take only 15 minutes processing time. The cost is around AED 240.

In addition, there is also the DEWA or EMPOWER deposit to consider which will be slightly more expensive if you shift to a villa or townhouse. For example, the DEWA deposit amount for a flat is AED 2,000 and AED 4,000 for a villa.

Moving Hose in Dubai: Permit and Moving Company

If necessary, you can book a moving company in Dubai to ensure a smooth, stress-free relocation to your new property. Shop around until you find an all-inclusive package that will cover most of the aspects. For example, the removal company will cover maintenance, decorating, moving furniture, and unpacking everything at the new location. Packages vary from AED 2,000 to AED 3,000 and operations take up to two or three days to complete. Movers will pack and dismantle your belongings, help you declutter, and put everything back together again. Similarly, you need to place a greater focus on salinization and proper hygiene during and after the move. Thus, you can ensure safety and germs contamination. Therefore, its important to comply with rules and regulations, follow the guidelines and secure your health and wellbeing as well as that of your family.

In addition, moving home inside UAE requires you to obtain a move-in and move-out permit, for which you need to apply in writing. Furthermore, both your old and new property management company or landlord will have to receive the request. Once you provide the times and date of the move, you will get a clearance certificate and you’re good to go. Also, in the case of using removal company services, you will need to provide the company name and their trade license number. Currently, moving is allowed from 8 am to 8 pm.

Time for your new home and new experiences!

It’s time to settle into your new property and there is still so much to do. Is it wise to hire a deep cleaning company to sterilize and disinfect your new home? Have you completed filling in the snagging report for the property? How about transferring the internet provider or opt for a new subscription?

Make a note of all details and start with the beginning. Firstly, you have 48 hours to report any property issues and damages. Subsequently, the landlord needs to rectify and fix the issues. Ideally, the issues will resolve before you fully move in or within a week of occupying the new premises.

Secondly, consider finding out what internet provider services your area, so you can transfer and reconnect your internet package.

Most importantly, you will need to have a budget ready to go shopping for your new home, which is unavoidable. From soft furnishing to more solid items, you will find the options are as varied as the prices themselves. There is a great deal of furniture and homeware shops available in Ikea, Pan Emirates, or Dubai Mall. If you need to replace or upgrade items like fridge, oven, or washing machine, it’s best to research offers online first.



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