10 Qualities of a Real Estate Agent

10 Qualities of a real estate agent nominates the most essential traits that define a top performer.

The real estate market can be a tough game and will always place agents in high competition. A real estate agent must build up to being a top performer, in order to survive in the industry. When choosing an agent to represent you, make sure you look at a few key factors to gauge their potential and assess their qualities.

It is all about people

A good real estate agent knows that is not just about the property, it is mostly about people. With that understanding, they will act with support and impartial advice towards achieving the best possible outcome. Furthermore, while you interact with an agent, trust the vibes you get. Energy never lies. They should be presentable and comfortable talking to people from all walks of life. Also, they should be good listeners, listening with a view to understanding, not just to hear and agree.

Ultimately, a strong sales record and good referrals are positive signs. If that is the case, your agent is likely to do a great job representing you and your interests.

Drive to succeed

An agent’s main drive should be their passion for the industry and the desire to win a deal. Moreso, they should serve people and observe the highest standards of professionalism. Having a strong drive and passion from within are innate attributes that are palpable upon interacting with an individual. Similarly, if an agent is driven to win, by default they will possess other qualities as well. Personal drive is the foundation on which you build yourself for success. In the real estate game, you must have the determination to succeed at all costs. It takes consistency, being relentless, and even aggressive to ensure a win-win situation.

Negotiation Skills

The art of negotiation is a skill you can cultivate and develop on a daily basis. If you have ample exposure to the property market, you can exercise and expand your negotiation skills with each experience and each client you come upon. They say that successfully negotiating your commission is a great talent, as it does not come easy. Therefore, if you are able to do that, you are able to negotiate on all other matters. Improving your negotiation skills means you are well able to recognize the value in a transaction and push towards closing a deal.

Strong Communication Skills

Communication is everything. Building a rapport is a good start and further paving the way to finalize a good deal. It is essential to communicate clearly and transparently from day one. An agent should be resourceful and honest about current market reality. Be willing to keep clients well informed. Maintaining eye contact and willingness to listen proactively are also signs of a good communicator. Finally, ask questions. It shows genuine interest. Communicate with honesty and transparency.  People can feel this kind of energy.


 If you are looking to build trust and maintain long-lasting relationships with your clients and connections, then operate with integrity. The best agents who remain in the game long term are those individuals who value integrity and exhibit integrity. Maintain good morals and commitment to offer the best service, and it will attract you great referrals. Do what is right following ethical standards and you will attract trustworthiness. Furthermore, integrity goes hand in hand with trust. One implies the other. Integrity means impeccable professional conduct and putting clients’ needs first while remaining completely honest with them.


The real estate market is ever-changing, presenting various unexpected trends and situations. A good agent will always keep clients in the loop about any changes and keep himself ahead of the game. Complex situations and transactions require innovative thinking and deep knowledge of the market variables. For instance, to effectively handle a complex deal, one needs to have knowledge of all aspects, the pros, and cons and how to tackle issues. Subsequently, this will improve client satisfaction and offer them a positive experience dealing with the agent.


Real Estate definitely requires strong networking skills. It really is all about connections, who you know, who knows you how to benefit from the interaction. Mingle in the right circles and forge quality conversations with high-profile individuals. Furthermore, attend relevant gatherings and events that will benefit you in the long run. Similarly, it is also important to keep in touch and follow up with previous clients, to build lasting professional ties.  A sociable personality and pleasant presence will help greatly with your networking experience.

Problem Solving

A problem solver is someone who is prepared to hear a lot of problems and not be put off by complaints or very critical clients. Everyone on board will come with a problem. A good agent will find the solution. Solving problems in the property market can be tricky and requires a lot of diligence from a highly knowledgeable agent. Sometimes you need to resort to less conventional ways to solve a problem. Market knowledge, clear understanding of figures, good maths, and determination make a good problem solver out of an agent.

Professional Appearance

Dressing accordingly and maintaining proper grooming are vital attributes for a real estate agent. You might come up with the best pitching but if your appearance is lacking, the client will not buy it. Firstly, you are selling yourself, before any real estate assets. Secondly, if you don’t care how you dress, others will. Image is everything and says a lot about how people perceive you as a person and as a professional. Grooming is equally important. A clean, sharp smart look promotes credibility and commands respect.


When you ooze confidence, you are fully engaging in the present moment and devote 100% attention to your clients. Things are going your way and the energy is right. You know your own value and how to market that to your advantage, without appearing cocky. Confident agents take ownership in their words and actions while remaining comfortable and trusting the process. They know and believe they bring value to the table and are ready to back it all up with supporting arguments. Experience is what builds confidence and what will ultimately earn your success.

Good listening Skills

10 Qualities of a real estate agent Just listen. Is the most basic and primal way to connect to another human being and offer your attention. However, there is active listening and passive listening. When you actively listen, you actually hear what the other party is saying and you make a consistent effort to understand, engage and ask questions. Active listening is a strong tool for filtering information according to quality, rather than quantity. Hence, it will help an agent to better assist with clients’ needs and concerns. Above all, a satisfied client is the best business card that a real estate agent could ever have.


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