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Our experienced consultants are able to assist you in seven different languages including English, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Armenian.

Yassir El Ghazi
Offplan Expert

The best investment on Earth is Earth.

Arsen Gasparyan
Offplan Expert

Don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.

Sam McCone
Market Analyst

Landlords grow rich in their sleep.



Yassir has been a wonderful business partner and a friend. I appreciate the work he has put in for me, and if in the future I decide to invest again, there is no doubt I will use him as my consultant


I met Yassir online as an off plan agent and after exchanging few notes I was 100 percent convinced that Yassir was the right person to proceed with my dream property in down town Dubai. He worked extremely hard to get me the right unit In an excellent location and negotiated the terms with Emaar . Yassir has made a big difference in our family life and I would highly recommend him. He is honest hardworking and about Customer service. For now and in the future I cannot imagine buying any property without Yassir’s input

DR. AHMED Houston, Texas, USA

عندما تواصلت مع السيد ياسر، بدأ في طرح أسألة كثيرة حول العقار الذي أرغب به، وقد بدت لي أسألته سخيفة ومفصلة ومملة حول تفاصيل المكان الذي أرغب العيش فيه، بعضها لم أفكر فيه اصلا، كنت اجيب على مضض فقط لأنهي المكالمة. وقبل انتهاء المكالمة طلب مني السيد ياسر أن مهله أربعة أيام وسيعاود الاتصال بي. كنت قد نسيت المكالمة في اليوم الثاني، فقد كنت في الوقت نفسه على تواصل مع أكثر من وسيط. ولكن وفي اليوم الرابع اتصل ياسر وأخبرني عن عقاريين، وأرسل لي صورهم عبر الواتس اب، وحدد لي موعدا لرؤيتهم، وقد كان اختياري للعقارالأول فورا بلا اي تردد، حتى أني لم أشاهد الثاني. عندما اتذكر اسئلته التي طرحها علي سابقا وأشاهد شقتي الآن، أتفهم تماما إلى أي درجة كان دقيقا ومهنيا في عمله. مازال ياسر للأن لا يتردد إطلاقا في مساعدتي باي طلب احتاجه، كوني من إمارة أخرى غير دبي… شكرا ياسر

ALSAAD Abu Dhabi

I would like to mention the great service Arsen provided during the finalization of my purchase in Harbour Views by Emaar. I appreciate the homework and knowledge you shared with me as your customer. I expect your good service in the future as well


Buying a property is a stressful occurrence and Arsen made it as smooth as possible for me. We feel that Arsen goes truly beyond the general duties of a real estate consultant. He was absolutely delightful, straight forward, and his honest advice and communication throughout the entire process, made buying a property with Emaar a pleasurable experience


What I liked the most about Arsen was the honest opinion on what to buy and what not to buy. It was convincing and I did not feel pushed into a decision. I got in touch with on the website chat from my smart phone, which was very easy. Then they provided me all the info via a phone call. I ended up buying through them and am very happy most of all about their honesty, which is very hard to find in this field